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Help with a modern 911 GT3 based on Speed Champions size

I'm not very good at MOCing on a smaller scale. I would like to make a modern 911 GT3, same scale, if possible as Speed Champions. Any one have any MOCs and/or instructions to use a base SC set, and make one? The main issues are a more modern rear spoiler, and front lights. After some help to give as a gift to a friend who has helped me lately.



  • Speedman29Speedman29 Member Posts: 2,337
    I'd look at the 911 SC sets that already exist.
    Try and adapt one of those. The 2015 set with two cars is a pretty good approximation of a GT3, maybe tone the aero parts the front and rear down and try and build lights in brick instead of the stickers used at present.
  • colaycolay Member Posts: 547
    Cheers dude. One thing I forgot to mention, was I wanted it in a specific colour, so would need to buy/obtain parts anyway. Didnt even think of trying to adapt the 911SC first, which is what I should probably do :)
  • stluxstlux Member Posts: 2,450
    edited November 2019
    There's also a couple of Speed Champion sized GT3's on Rebrickable here and here. (Not my designs!)
    The first one has both a and LDD file available, so it should be easy to adapt the model to the colour you want.
  • colaycolay Member Posts: 547
    Ta. The colour I need, is a bluey grey. I need to pick a colour that has the wheel arches in those colours I suppose, that is closest to it. When it's cleaner, blue pops through more, although most would say it is grey

  • colaycolay Member Posts: 547
    Think I need Dark Bluish grey, thank you, that first link is what Im after :)
  • colaycolay Member Posts: 547
    Okay, just need to get round red 'lights' in Round Corner plate 2x2. Is there such a thing? The 991 Gt3 does not have the red strip along the rear, so am stuck for ideas if the plate I need does not exist in red and grey. Any ideas?

  • Speedman29Speedman29 Member Posts: 2,337
    Looks great, easily recognisable as a 911 GT3.
    I think for the lights, swapping the 2x1 bow brick at the rear of the wheel arch for a 3x1 so it covers the red plate. And then swap the 1x2 red plate for a 1x1 1/4 tile in red and a 1x1 plate in red to give the curve may work.
  • colaycolay Member Posts: 547
    Thank you. I was out of parts, and went back today to Toy PLanet to finish, but didnt see this till now!! gggrrr, my fault for not looking. I will see if I can get the 3x1 slope and do as you suggest, but, I did come up with this, which works sort of, as well, but Id get more lines of the wheel arch with your suggestion. Having spoked wheels now helps too. I've also rotated the 1x1 slope on the side and think it looks much better.
    Only thing I dont like is the front lights. 991 GT3s are rounded, and although the clear slope works for the lines, it donesnt suit it as the light. I tried rouns clear studs, but that looked odd, and going the 1974 Trbo way for the lights, the modern 911 lights arent as upright. But, I think he'll be pleased. Well, I hope he will be lol

  • colaycolay Member Posts: 547
    Okay. Found some longer bits @Speedman29 and invigorated the rear, and I think done better lights (if you look at the pic of his car above) think this works better. Note the new and, hopefully final, changes:
    rear arch
    rear lights
    front arch rear, behind wheel
    light lensesReally like this last picture
  • Speedman29Speedman29 Member Posts: 2,337
    That look better at the rear now. Nice work
  • colaycolay Member Posts: 547
    Needless to say, but the new owner, is very, very happy! And so am I, based upon the source material! :)

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