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New polybags for 2020 Administrator Posts: 1,282,405
edited November 2019 in articles
New polybags for 2020

LEGO has published thumbnail images of a number of hitherto unknown 2020 sets in a dark and dusty corner of its website this week, including those for the first tranche of polybags.

We've added some interesting ones to the database, including 30453 Captain Marvel and Nick Fury. This polybag contains Captain Marvel wearing her Starforce uniform, following its earlier exclusivity to 77902 Captain Marvel and the Asis from San Diego Comic-Con!

Other appealing polybags include 30386 Poe Dameron's X-wing Fighter, Trolls 30555 Poppy's Carriage and Creator 30574 Cat.

You can view all that we've added here.

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  • Speedman29Speedman29 Member Posts: 2,311
    Captain Marvel and the Speed Champions top of the list along with the City beach buggy.
  • klintonklinton Member Posts: 1,248
    I'm glad to see Hidden Side getting some polybag love! It looks like Enzo's taking his eats on the road. He can set up shop next to the juice bar now, hahaha. Another prop for Douglas' daredevil antics is most welcome too.

    I'm also glad to see the inclusion of Carol's Kree uniform for everyone who was wanting that one after SDCC. It's always nice when Lego does fans a solid.
  • COOLEGOCOOLEGO Member Posts: 211
    Loving the CM poly and the inclusion of hidden side and speed champions, but that train ... loving it the most, looks so neat
  • madforLEGOmadforLEGO Member Posts: 10,787
    Thank you LEGO, once again it looks like Ill be saving money on LEGO purchases this year (at least for the first half).
    I usually get most city polys, but these leave much to be desired for me. The Captain Marvel and Nick fury one is the one Ill likely get.
  • BrainsluggedBrainslugged Member Posts: 2,245
    edited November 2019
    The Captain Marvel and Nick fury one is the one Ill likely get.*
    *As long as you don't mind spending $120 on Marvel sets from Lego that you could purchase for $80 elsewhere.

    I hope I'm wrong.
  • sid3windrsid3windr Member Posts: 1,460
    Quite intrigued about SC and HS getting polys now. A bit afraid they won't be easily accessible over here, once again. I get what Huw means with the hunt is half the fun, but I'm already hunting Euros so having to spend 25€ on a poly just to complete a collection is not fun ;-)
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