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Are there any South Florida Lego clubs that I can join?

MattPetersenMattPetersen Florida, USAMember Posts: 282
edited January 2012 in Community and Events
Title says it all.
I'm a fan of Lego, just got back into it in a big way and wanted to know if there was a South Florida group of Lego fans like myself that hang out and build.


  • bor2112bor2112 Member Posts: 289
    Hi Matt, I have been looking and not found anything, but I am SWFL. You?
  • MattPetersenMattPetersen Florida, USAMember Posts: 282
    I'm in the Ft. Lauderdale area.
  • OdinduskOdindusk Member Posts: 763
    Flight of the Navigator land!
  • bor2112bor2112 Member Posts: 289
    Other coast :(. We need to find someone central with an awesome brick room!
  • DavidRod8DavidRod8 Member Posts: 143
    There are a couple of guys here in the forum from the area... I'm sure they will jump in this thread soon... I seem to remember one of them saying they wanted to get a LUG together but there wasn't much interest...
  • MattPetersenMattPetersen Florida, USAMember Posts: 282
    There are a few of us. I bet more that are in the closet with their hobby.
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