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A LEGO House Special Bonusball Edition - 16 November 2019 deadline

stluxstlux LuxembourgMember Posts: 2,450
I was in Billund last month for an AFOL evening with TLG designers, so time for a special Bonus Ball! If you know how these work, feel free to go straight to the end of my post ;)

As you might know, LEGO House in Billund has a moulding machine on site. The machine produces 2x4 red bricks (element 3001), and puts these in polybag #624210 LEGO House 6 Bricks. 

With just 6 2x4 bricks, there are 915,103,765 possible combinations that the bricks can be built into.

When you leave LEGO House you are assigned a random number that is unique to your visit. A signature card is printed that shows your number and the combination that it relates to. You get to take your card and the polybag as a memento of your visit. 

When I visited LEGO House for the first time in 2017, I received combo number 73,213,160:

Last year when I visited in May, my combo was 36,697,225.

After these "small" numbers, I received a larger combo in November: 732,360,128.

In March it was back to a smaller number: 219,699,714.

That means I have now had combo numbers 36,697,225 - 73,213,160 - 219,699,714 - 732,360,128.

Last month I actually visited the LEGO House 2x (need to use that Annual Pass...), so received 2 new combinations:

How does all this relate to the Bonusball?

The question this week is simple:

All you need to do is guess the number of the combinations I received during my recent visits to LEGO House. So yes, you can enter 2 numbers, and there will be 2 winners this time!

That means the answer are 2 random numbers between 1 and 915,103,765. They could be small, they could be massive. They could be in the middle. Who knows? However they will be different from 73,213,160, 36,697,225, 219,699,714 and 732,360,128 - those were the unique numbers I received earlier. At the end of the draw, the closest numbers wins. 

The competition closes 20:00 CET 16 November 2019. I will post a picture of my new signature cards shortly after this time and then work out who’s won. If 1 person got closest to both numbers, the person who got 2nd closest to one of the combo's will be the joint winner.

The prize? 

The winners can choose one of the LEGO House exclusive polybags/key chains. In case you already own those, I'll dive in my stash of polybags!

Good luck everyone!


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