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Improvement building instructions 8043?

lokkeslokkes Member Posts: 1
edited January 2012 in Building and Techniques
I've read a post somewhere that there is a mistake in de building instructions
for the 8043 excavator. On page 79 book 1, step 35, part 4206482 is displayed,
but it should be part 4186017. (This part is left over after building). Replacing
this part should improve the switching between the primary functions. Is someone
familair with this issue?

nb: this is another issue then the known issue on page 45, step 36!


  • sickboysickboy Member Posts: 1
    Hi i can confirm that this is a major improvement, my battery was a bit on the low side so i thought i would replace the above part number , it seams to be able move freely now .
    when i used the part number 4206482 (blue) it would not turn free ,so using the part you mentioned 4186017 (cream) its moves smooth even with my low battery .
    thank you very much
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