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Absolute cheapest minifigures?

I'm looking for the cheapest way to buy minifigures, of any kind.
I've searched for "job lots" on ebay and there are some but they are usually about £1 per figure (and may or may not be genuine). But, on Bricklink I can find legs, torsos, heads and headgear for a few pennies each so I know I can make a minifigure for about 20p.
Buying all those individual items is a pain (and delivery would be restrictive) so basically I'm being a bit lazy. Is there a way anywhere I can just say I want to buy (e.g.) 200 figures, irrespective of style of torso etc?
The figures might look a bit weird with e.g. a police torso, red legs and a space helmet but I'm not fussed about that.



  • Switchfoot55Switchfoot55 The Northwest, USAMember Posts: 2,742
    I've had a lot of success buying bulk lots of Craigslist or Offerup. I'm not sure if either of those options are in the UK, but just the local-seller equivalent. Not sure what your timeline is for needing them, but if you wait it out, you can usually find a nice bulk bin of bricks with a whole bunch of minifigs mixed in. Maybe not 200...

    My last bulk purchase was 50lbs of LEGO for $40. I'm still sorting, but there are at least 100 figs + gear, animals, etc... If I were only after the figs, it would be a good deal. But then add 48lbs of bricks on top of that, and it's that much better. 
  • The_RancorThe_Rancor Dorset, UKMember Posts: 2,366
    Local and online toy auctions often have lots with hundreds of random Minifigs and can go for only £40-£60. There is a chance that licensed figures amongst the lot will boost prices though, particularly if there are hidden treasures like a random Davy Jones (i’ve seen this before)
  • CCCCCC UKMember Posts: 20,363
    For about 20p you can buy really quite beaten up parts to make a minifigure on BL. Don't expect quality. For 50p you would be able to buy reasonable condition parts to make a lot of construction workers, fire and police officers. It'll probably cost you 80p-£1 for a reasonable condition City type minifigure.

    Of course if you buy the same part in bulk you might get even better deals.

    Why not just search for cheap torsos/assemblies, then check each store to see how much stuff they have. One problem is that the bigger stores tend not to have the cheaper pricing.

    This search will give you cheapest ones for torsos in the UK,

    There is not that many available under 10p, and you'll still need to buy legs, heads and headgear/hair.

  • truck730truck730 Member Posts: 349
    I did buy  a clearance in Tesco  of H.P minifigs 10cent each ,wish I'd bought the lot just 10 ,I'm not a H.P fan but had to have some of that
  • CalvCalv Central EnglandMember Posts: 901
    I can probably help you out.

    I have a quantity of minifig components I acquired as part of a trade with the intention of putting them in my Bricklink store but time required to identify and list them has meant I still have them in as arrived condition. There are over 100 as new assorted heads and 32 torsos already sorted and separated and a good quantity of other parts. (Legs, torsos, hair, helmets etc.) but these would need sorting out as they are all in one mixed box. I will see what I can sort out this afternoon whilst watching the cycling!

    My store (trading since 2012) on Bricklink and Brick Owl is Central Bricks, but these components are not listed. 

    I am looking for 15p per component after sorting. Shipping at cost - Royal Mail First Class small parcel at £3.55 would be most likely.

    Hope this will be of interest.

    Central Bricks


  • stefxanstefxan AustriaMember Posts: 61
    I had a good haul some days ago on a second hand site like CL. Bought 120 Figs for 120 EUR in perfect condition. Lord of the Rings, Pythor and many other expensive figs in there :-)
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