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todlertodler UK - South WestMember Posts: 29
Hi, picked up the Iron Man polybag at cost from a kind forum member so thought I would return the favour to the rest of the forum. Was in the Leicester Square store at the weekend so picked up a Lester polybag for myself and a few spares.
Therefore I have 4 to sell at cost price (£5.99) + actual postage to anyone who wants one. May appeal to you guys stateside as I can post from the States late October. Just got to find out the USPS costs. 
Anyone interested just send me a PM and can sort things out. Selling individually to ensure there are at least 4 happy Lego collectors.
I was shocked on the price of these but it is London!!!! The Royal Guard from Hamleys was also £6



  • todlertodler UK - South WestMember Posts: 29
    Can anyone in the USA advise on a standard shipping costs for a Padded envelope less than 2oz (possible <1 oz)
    In the UK a large letter <25mm is  standard fee per 100g. Looked on the USPS web site and its confusing. Different zones and anything not a uniform shape has to go as a parcel, is that correct?? I also assume 1st class is tracked or would it need to go priority?
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    It would have to be a small parcel (can't qualify for normal international letter postage unless it is only documents) -- I just sent a 1 oz. envelope to Canada and it cost $10.50 which was the minimum... where are you trying to ship from and to?  If it is all within the US then you will be able to ship a minifig or polybag First class (which is tracked) for probably around $3 to $4 
  • CCCCCC UKMember Posts: 17,799
    A large letter (airmail) up to 100g to the USA is only £3.45, so if you are paying to send a parcel and then another $3-4 per item on top to post within the USA, you might be better off sending them direct to the end users.

  • todlertodler UK - South WestMember Posts: 29
    Hi, shipping from within the US when I come over on vacation. Thanks for the info. Have 2 items to post and want to charge correct price, but not be out of pocket.
  • panchox1panchox1 ColoradoMember Posts: 27
    still have some?
  • todlertodler UK - South WestMember Posts: 29
    Yes, 2 left
  • panchox1panchox1 ColoradoMember Posts: 27
    pm sent
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