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Lego fire sale lot.... many misc sets from multiple themes

TheMaker37TheMaker37 Norfolk,VaMember Posts: 492

15 sets from multiple themes looking to sell them as one lot. $175+shipping 

#9469 Gandolf Arrives- Complete set. Includes only one figure. No instructions 

#4751 Marauders Map- Complete set with maps. Missing one figure. No instructions

#9463 Werewolf- Completes set with figures, no instructions

#76003 Smallville- Complete set, missing 2 figures  no instructions

#9445 Fangpyre Ambush- Complete set. Missing one figure and manual #1, Missing some stickers.

#9448 Samuria Mech- Complete set with instructions. One figure is missing helmet. Missing some stickers 

#9443 Rattle Coptor- Complete set with instructions. Missing one figure. Missing some stickers.

#3825 Krusty Krab- Complete set with figures. No instructions. Missing some stickers. 

#3834 Bikini Bottom- Complete set. Includes all three figures but one is missing head. Missing some stickers. No instructions

#3831 Rocket Ride-- Complete set with figures. No instructions 

#3815 Heroic Hero’s- Complete set with figures, Patrick has a slightly different face print. No instructions

#70008 Gotrzans Gorrila- Complete set. Has only 1 figure. No instructions. Missing some stickers

#6240 Krakken Attack- Complete set. No figures or parrot. No instructions

#6253 Shipwreck Hideout- Complete set. No figures or  instructions. 

#6241 Loot island- Complete set. No figures or instructions. 

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