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REGINA MAERSK - First LEGO Maersk ship model of 1959-60.

IstokgIstokg Member Posts: 2,362
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Most people consider the 1974 introduced (and at $3000 in MISB the priciest of LEGO sets) 1650 Maersk Line Container Set the first LEGO Maersk ship.

Well that is only partly true... it was the first set made for semi-public sales distribution (via Maersk). But the 0751 ship of 1959 was the first actual Maersk ship produced by TLG. This model was a glued display model sold by TLG to continental European toy stores for their store displays. And back in 1959-60, these models were made with regular blue bricks, not the (1974 introduced) Maersk blue color we are familiar with today.

About 3 years ago I made a variation of the 1959-60 model, but used Maersk blue parts, and added 10152 stickers, as well as a pair of (Tommy Armstrong) custom embossed "REGINA MAERSK" 1x10 white bricks. I changed the models slightly (used some inverse slopes that weren't invented then) to make it more realistic, as well as some other minor changes. I also added blue plates (with a tapered plate at the front) to give a water effect, and make the model stable (and more pleasing to view).

Anyway I sold 18 of these models to collectors around the world at $89-$109 each (depending on whether or not you wanted real 1x1x1 white windows, or the back of headlight bricks as the 10 small windows in the model (not much difference in the look).

I also included a 6 page printed color instructions, a color copy from the 1959-60 Retailer Order Catalog showing the original ship model, a color copy of a (very rare) 1960 retailer order form page that retailers used to order this model, and a nice color "Contents List" that listed all the parts (some old 1950s/1960s sets had Content Lists).

This ship model is really quite attractive in Maersk blue (71 of the 273 parts are that color). And it is 2 ft. (60cm) long.

I recently came across a box with enough parts (including the embossed bricks and stickers) to build 2 final models of this set... so that there will only be 20 collectors in the world to have this updated model. And I'm selling them for $79 each, if anyone is interested.

One other fact about this ship... the original REGINA MAERSK was commissioned in the Danish Odense Shipyards in 1954, and inaugurated in 1955. This was the very ship produced by A. P. Moller (the parent of Maersk) that had the Maersk blue hull. This ship was decommissioned around 1970.... and a new ship under that name was commissioned in 1972... and again in 1996.

Below is a view of the completed model, and the 4 sets of documents I mentioned that come with it (including instructions), as well as a comparison with this model and the later 1650 Maersk Line Container Ship.

The ship can be ordered in my Bricklink store...

Gary Istok

P.S. In the 12 years of looking... I have never yet come across a 1959-60 glued display model of this ship ever come up for auction. Of course an original would have been made of regular blue bricks, made of warping Cellulose Acetate bricks, and would have been yellowed with age.


  • IstokgIstokg Member Posts: 2,362
    Here is a comparison of the 0751 Regina Maersk and the 1650 Maersk Line Container Ship sizes....
  • IstokgIstokg Member Posts: 2,362
    Here's a close up of the parts Contents List, to show you what items come in this set... (note the 2 1x10 printed REGINA MAERSK bricks are not mentioned in this older sheet)....

    Among the Maersk parts are 8 2x8 bricks, 11 1x1 round bricks (model shop stock not found in any LEGO set), 4 macaroni bricks (27 macaroni bricks in all).

    Everyone who has ever ordered this from me said this was a fun build, and love keeping the assembled model on display.

    Rarest parts are 3 trans-clear macaroni bricks, 1 2x4 trans-clear brick, and 11 1x1 rounds in Maersk blue.

    Also, people who order, will get half off on my upcoming LEGO Collectors Guide (1949-90s) on CD.

    Gary Istok

  • IstokgIstokg Member Posts: 2,362
    One sold... one left...
  • IstokgIstokg Member Posts: 2,362
    That's odd... I had 2 images of the model/brochures posted last night... and now they're gone.... (wonder what I did wrong?) here they are again...
  • IstokgIstokg Member Posts: 2,362
    edited January 2012
    Just sold the last one.... my REGINA MAERSK model is now a CLOSED EDITION of 20 models worldwide. Just sold the last one to a Brit. 12 were sold in the USA, 8 in Europe. Some parts were LEGOLAND model shop only parts (Legoland Windsor), and are no longer available. ;-)

    Actually there were 21... my own version, which sits proudly on my bookcase in my office room.

    The front of this model was one of the most unique builds ever using macaroni bricks. You had to literally hold the level of macaroni's on the level above in place in order for the level below to stay intact. You almost needed 3 hands to build this model, For the instructions sheets, I had to use tape from behind the bricks in order to show each level of instructions... there was no other way to keep them from falling off. It was only the top row of macaroni bricks that kept the model intact.
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