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Hello all from Kansas

HasafHasaf KansasMember Posts: 2
I didn't start as an AFOL however, teaching robotics was added to my list of duties at the school where I work. I needed to be able to quickly help students with assembly and contraptions. As such, I needed to increase my Lego-fu.

At this point, I have built quite a few modular buildings, some Star Wars, and a few Techniques kits. I find that I like the modular buildings the best. I have several "on permanent display" in my classroom and a few in other teachers rooms eg. a Language Arts teacher is very into Harry Potter, so the displays related to that universe have gone to her room).

As states, Hello All.


  • truck730truck730 Member Posts: 246
    Welcome Hasaf You've got all the perks -space to display ,fellow afols at hand, incorporated into Your job and could You possibly get the school to write off some costs as materials , I'm my job the perk is i find the thrown out lego and sometimes it'd be better if I left it to die 
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