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Stuck with Bugatti Chrion - 42083

retorikciretorikci Member Posts: 2
edited August 2019 in Building and Techniques
Currently, I'm building the Bugatti Chiron 42083 set and stuck at a particular point.
If anyone who already built the set could help me, it will be highly appreciated.
The place I'm stuck is book two, page number 101 and step 638.
After I attached the long blue part I made at 637 to the body and pushed the grey bolt in as described, the long blue part looks a little bit awkward.

Not sure if the pictures are clean enough but the long blue part does not stay parallel to the black bar. As you can see from the picture (I have highlighted with a red arrow), it sits with an angle.

I have checked many Bugatti lego build youtube videos and walkthroughs but was not able to find a clear picture of how it has to look like.
If anyone has gone through this step, could you please let me know that this is normal or not?

Many thanks.



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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.