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CUSTOM SPIDER LEGS (how to?/help)

LunaticPrimeLunaticPrime GermanyMember Posts: 2

I need help with a custom. I want to build some spider legs but I don't want to spend a lot of money on them. Sizewise they should be about/at least 10 cm long and be able to hold a bit of weight. I need them for a Transformers Deluxe class custom if that helps. The parts I chose so far are: 
15362 / 24165
I need six legs but with those parts and getting them of ebay I'd spend 30 euros at least. Maybe someone in here can show me a cheaper option. Maybe with mixels ball joint and other parts. And preferebly (but not neccessarily) in black. 




  • BobflipBobflip Member Posts: 468
    Set up a wants list at with your chosen parts and colours, and see what sellers have the things you need, that'll save you a whole bunch of cash.
  • CCCCCC UKMember Posts: 17,566
    Have you had a look at Shelob and Aragon for ideas?
  • ShibShib UKMember Posts: 5,154
    #70130 and #76114 both feature large spider based builds, but their designs might be a bit technic heavy compared to #9470 suggested above.
  • LunaticPrimeLunaticPrime GermanyMember Posts: 2
    edited August 6
    Thanks for the tipps and inspirations, folks.
    I'll try the bricklink list tomorrow. Do they ship internationally? 
    Conceptwise Shelob looks pretty good. The legs are just a bit brickish and Aragog's are a bit too short. 
    #76114 is not bad but a bit too colorful. I could paint the parts but painting flexible parts (15362) is not ideal. #70130 lacks a bit in articulation but the set is pretty cheap to come by. 
  • CCCCCC UKMember Posts: 17,566
    edited August 6
    Bricklink is not a store but more like eBay. You can select stores in Germany or Europe.
  • KungFuKennyKungFuKenny Deep in the Heart of TexasMember Posts: 57
    edited August 9
    You will definitely save on shipping if you restrict your BrickLink stores to your local area— maybe base the store you use on who sells your most expensive part for the best price.  Check out MOC pages, rebrickable, etc for ideas on how others have built what you are aiming for
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