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New feature: Report offensive comments

SMCSMC UKMember Posts: 1,785
So this is about the front page story for those that have not seen it. I just wanted to say that I am really disappointed that after defending brickset and saying how brickset wont turn into a police state the commenting was closed.

There was one questionable comment and a debate around if this comment was ok or not. In a post about reporting offensive comments knowing what would be classed as offensive is kind of important.

The comment was then changed not because the mods thought there was anything wrong with it but because a lot of people reported it which is also odd. I didn't like the comment and would have removed it but I would also hope if the mods were happy with it they would leave it be (no matter what I thought).

I think at the moment we are in a funny place with commenting on the main site after t-rex gate (get it like watergate) so I think having a conversation about it could be helpful. But the conversation was closed because this debate was happening.

I guess my feedback is:

Adding a report button: Good

Changing someones post because its offensive: Good

Changing someones post just because a lot of people reported it: Bad

Closing the commenting because you dont like the conversation: Bad


  • BumblepantsBumblepants DFWMember Posts: 6,115
    I would guess he closed the comments because he doesn't want to spend his life sifting through a bunch of comments about comments. Most Lego articles are devoid of reasons to get riled up and the report button will hopefully not be needed much. 
  • SMCSMC UKMember Posts: 1,785
    edited August 2019
    Sorry thought you were trying to make commenting on the main site better and you know how I like to stick my ore in give feedback.

    So what are peoples thoughts on who we should pick for the second test at Lords?
  • HugeYellowBrickHugeYellowBrick At my PCMember Posts: 496
    Had to look-up "misandrous".
  • SMCSMC UKMember Posts: 1,785
    edited August 2019
    ^ Me too just now, totally missed it when Huw had it in his list. All credit to Huw on that one then. Have no problem with misogynistic being in there after all.

    Had to look up "cis" too.
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