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(US) Castle Byers VIP Build (FS/FT)

Switchfoot55Switchfoot55 Member Posts: 3,357
I was able to attend the VIP build event recent and obtained a copy of the Stranger Things Castle Byers set. It has sat, un-assembled, on my desk ever since. I feel like there is probably someone out there who would likely be thrilled to add this to their collection instead of it just being another bit that goes for weeks or months neglected in my care. 

Prices have varied quite a bit between Ebay and Bricklink, so I'm not really sure what a fair value would be. But I thought I'd see if anyone would be willing to perhaps swap a GWP or two or other set of similar perceived value for it? 

I have all of the pieces, along with stickers (un-applied) and a copy of the instructions that I can send if requested. As a disclaimer, the instruction sheet was clearly just printed from the LEGO store back office printer that, unfortunately, needed a little more red. 

If you have anything you'd be willing to swap for this, let me know. There are several recent (and past) GWP that would be of interest, or a combination of perhaps #40291, #40292, #40293, #40335, #40253, #40254, #40221, #40138, #40139, #40223. My interests obviously include a healthy portion of Winter related items. 

If you're interested and have any offer, I'm open to hearing it. 


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