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Lighting kits for the Disney castle

RogerKirkRogerKirk BrightonMember Posts: 365

My sister has the big Disney castle and is looking at lighting kits for it.

Does anyone have any experience of them and what is good? We are UK based.

Some seem very expensive - do you need to pay a high price to get a decent one?

We have found this one on Amazon, but this product has no reviews and most of their lighting products have none either.

Does it seem OK to you?


  • CCCCCC UKMember Posts: 20,364
    That seems very expensive for what you get. I think really that it depends on whether you need the lights to be in LEGO-style bricks or whether you all willing to have them loose inside the build.  You can buy quite cheap christmas style LED light chains that you can just drop in.

    For a more LEGO-like solution, I typically buy 5mm LEDs as these fit perfectly into a technic brick hole. They are easy enough to wire up with little experience.

    If you get more into it, and don't mind doing a little soldering or arduino programming, then addressable LEDs (ws2812b) are better as you can then control the colour. I made my daughter some that cycle slowly through colours at night time.
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