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Selling theese lego sets from my collection, mostly brickheadz.

ersiersi Member Posts: 229
Selling theese lego sets, mostly brickheadz from my own collection. Brickheadz on right were built for short time and displayed in dust free cabin. Im selling them because I have bought sealed ones. All orders will be shipped next working day.

Shipping in EU and UK without any problems.

Everything in very nice condition.

bunny opened 4€ sealed 5€

witch 9€

valentines bee 8.5€

rocket ride 14.5€

space polybag 4€

pelican polybag 4€

endgame art print 2 of 3 8€

cyborg 8€

thanos 12.5€

kylo ren 5€

finn 17€

flash 6€

gamora 8€

jack sparrow 16€

star lord 15€

captain phasma SOLD

harry potter SOLD

slimmer SOLD

iron man mk50 15€

mickey 20€

marty mcfly back to the future 20€

batman SOLD

hermione 13€

dumbledore SOLD

minnie SOLD


  • ersiersi Member Posts: 229
    update: gamora and back to the future SOLD
  • ersiersi Member Posts: 229
    UPDATE: still selling theese
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