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Speed Champions Raceway?

natro220natro220 USAMember Posts: 545
We've gotten quite a few Speed Champion sets beyond the stand alone cars, but none have been a "complete" raceway. I would love if they came out with something similar to #6395 Victory Lap Raceway. I know they rarely make baseplates anymore, but maybe they could release a "racing" version of the road baseplates, one with a starting/finish line, one with a pit area. It just seems to me there are a lot more play opportunities to be had with this line. Does anybody else feel the same way?


  • CCCCCC UKMember Posts: 20,366
    I guess the cost of having a full circuit track would be quite expensive. Although that is also true of having road-plates for a city layout. Maybe that is partly why they don't seem to sell that well. I doubt if a racing specific baseplate would sell even as well as the City ones.

    It's been more than 15 years since they did the racers style track. I imagine if they did anything they might do something similar again. But costs of production might be quite high if it was to be used for Speed Champions.

    I've never really see the point of the road baseplates. There are hardly any studs on them, so you cannot really build on them. My kids have a wooden board on which we painted a road, a lake and some grass that they use for play.

    Another alternative is to use card pieces for track. Again, a slightly different scale being Racers, but I saw one of these for sale last week. Didn't look any further when the guy said he wanted £30 for it.

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