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[US] WTT/WTB - Disney Series 2 Collectible Minifigures

BrickCreatorBrickCreator Cheesehead, Born and BredMember Posts: 137
Hello All!

I'm looking to trade/buy a few remaining minifigures to finish off my Disney Series 2 collection. I'm currently in need of the following figures:


If someone has all of these for one lump sale/trade, that'd be great! I'd be willing to pay for the figures, or trade off some I have extra:

Vintage Mickey (2x)
Vintage Minnie (2x)
Chip (2x)
Scrooge McDuck (2x)

I also have some extra LEGO Batman Movie figs or a few Series 15 figs I'd be filling to part with. See them in my Bricklink store below. I haven't been active on the forum as of late, but have been in the past, and have plenty of experience on Bricklink (

PM or drop a comment if interested. Thanks!!
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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.