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Wanted flag for parts

eMJeeNLeMJeeNL The NetherlandsMember Posts: 365
edited June 13 in
Often, when I see a (new) set I am not or only partly interested in, there are parts I could use very well for MOCcing, or would just order the parts for the part of the set i do like. Therefore, I’d really like to be able to flag individual parts as “wanted”.

I know we have BL/BO etc which offer this possibility, but (at least BL, don’t really know its alternatives contentwise) they often use different partnumbers to TLG, and very often I order these parts as ‘extras’ in a [email protected] “Our” database shows the TLG-partnumbers, so would be of great help. Also, it shows the amount of parts in a set, helping to order easily (as opposed to BnP).

would this be a possibility, and do others see the same value?


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