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Hedegaard: Danish "fan"

HedegaardHedegaard Member Posts: 1
edited January 2012 in Introduce yourself
Hey everyone,

I'm Danish and living in Denmark, not too far from Billund actually.

I've been collecting Lego for quite some years, starting from the 1955 set Town plan no.1 and up until 1987 when I lost interest. Collections span ranges from classic space to town to technic.
My all time favourite has to be Technic no. 8860, which I consider quite a craft in its own right.

I've been to Legoland about twice, once in 1981 and again in about 2007 (but left early because there was so much to see and you get a little bored after a number of hours). I want to go 2012 when they open for the season, but the wife is a little edgy about spending the cash for "child stuff". (We don't have children yet)

I just recently dug out all the old lego, sorting and cataloging along with all the booklets, advertisments, scrapbooks and books from TLG. I had to clear it away again this weekend back into storage as the wife thought I was making a mess with 'yet another of my hobbies spreading out all over the place'.

I just recently purchased a small technic set 9390, to see what had changed since the 80's. I must say I'm a little disappointed overall. The part moulding has changed even for common pieces and other small approximately 0.01mm plastic residue leftovers from the production which was not present on sets from the 80's.
(I work as a quality manager for a commercial enterprise, so I notice the "finer details". This is a "professional flaw". Thus I'd notice the discrepancies of the newly produced lego parts.)
Also, this particular set seems hurried and uncreative. I'm not fond of the newer parts which has "holes in the sides" rather than normal constructed lego brick format. Its a very "unfinished" piece, so I'm wondering how this was approved at all.
New creations are put in front of children for them to test and make suggestions. Which I think is a wrong design process as children should be told what to do and not asked about "adult decision making".
No offense to anyone, I don't mind children at all, I just think that they should be taught what good design is and for them to adapt&grow, not for designers to adapt to their tastes - because look what comes of it - we get Star wars theme (which has about 5 usable parts in all sets combined) and Harry Potter,Cars, Toy Story, Indiana Jones e.t.c. so many themes since the 1980's to choose from, no wonder children get stressed!

'In the old days' you had to build your own horse, now its a pre-designed, pre-assembled piece. So much for that 10% of creativity. Now I see they have all sorts of stuff which is pre-fabricated, motorbikes, tools, guns, ship parts, ad nauseum. I'm just waiting for the day when Lego Café Corner edition year 2025 will have 3x big pieces that you put together!

I'm new to the forum and lego collecting again, so I had to google what AFOL means, at first I thought it meant "A Fool" or something. Still don't know what MOC means, and no FAQ of that in this forum about abbreviations (or at least I didn't find it). I think it means when you build your own unofficial sets.
I prefer English/American forums in general as the scope of culture of people is greater than had I participated on a purely Danish forum, hence I'm here and not "there".

I see that TLG are currently looking to hire a wide range of business professionals. I was toying with the idea (excuse the pun) of sending my CV, but not so sure I'd be fond of spending my life working for plastic and toys (which pollute the planet in production and only benefit children).
I was asked to work for Lego a good number of years back, but didn't accept it back then. Anyway time and life passes.......

Nice to "meet you" and sorry for coming across as an old geezer, I really do like Lego :)


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