Rollercoaster Lego set questions

hollywood123hollywood123 MichiganMember Posts: 2
I built my Lego roller coaster a few months ago and it worked great. The cars would zoom around the track fast and automatically zip over to the chain and climb up the hill repeatedly . Now My cars are running slower on the roller coaster track. the cars are so slow that I have to manually push the cars to catch the chain to move up hill.

Any suggestions as to how to fix this?


  • HuwHuw Brickset Towers, Hampshire, UKAdministrator Posts: 6,439
    It seems to be a common problem. Mine longer functions correctly after a few months of no use. I've not found time to figure out why yet.
  • autolycusautolycus US-SEMember Posts: 113
    I don’t have that set, but do have the pirate coaster 3-in-1. The first things I would check are:

    1) pull the cars off the track and make sure the wheels still spin very easily. If they don’t, make sure they’re clean and clear. 

    2) push down on all of the track joint connections to make sure they’re all still solidly locked in. 
  • MrShinyAndNewMrShinyAndNew Member Posts: 244
    The slightest problem with the track will lead to headaches. Make sure the set is fully assembled 100%. Push all the pillars down, tighten every joint, check every track connection. It's super sensitive. Every time I move it I need to do some maintenance.
  • BastyBasty LondonMember Posts: 217
    When I got the creator roller coaster I had issues. On the under carriage there is a notch bit where you clip in the wheels. If for whatever reason the notch is a bit off it causes the wheels to not turn at all / very well. I ended up getting lego to send me a few spare carriages which seems to fix the problem. The problem is not with the wheels.
  • hollywood123hollywood123 MichiganMember Posts: 2
    Thanks for the Tips !!
  • PaperballparkPaperballpark UKMember Posts: 3,445
    I'd make sure all the track is clean and dusted - if it's sat around for a while it'll have collected dust, which could then cause it to not run as smoothly as it should.
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