Discovery Centres: Manchester or Birmingham?

benbacardibenbacardi EnglandMember Posts: 367
My family and I are staying in the Peak District for a holiday this summer (being southern softies we never venture that far "north" !), and will be about equidistant from both the Birmingham and Manchester discovery centres. Which one would people recommend visiting? Or are they pretty much the same?

Are there any exclusive sets or anything to look out for while we're they're?

Thanks in advance!


  • HuwHuw Brickset Towers, Hampshire, UKAdministrator Posts: 6,439
    I'd save your money and not bother with either. My daughter went to Birmingham LDC with her boyfriend's nephews recently and thought it a total rip off for the amount of time you can spend in there before they got bored.

    The shop is worth visiting, though: lots of polybags at the moment and a decent selection of plant and flower pieces in the wall.
  • Toc13Toc13 Member Posts: 1,048
    Mostly for the reason that once you're done, you're in Manchester & not in Birmingham
  • truck730truck730 Member Posts: 214
    in Manchester My Daughter didn't get much out of it except the monkey bar climbing area which isn't lego related and the 4D cinema isn't long enough but 6-8yr old boys seemed to get a better time from it
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