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FS/FT [UK] Endgame White jumpsuits & other assorted minifigures

Mr_CrossMr_Cross Member Posts: 1,672
Hi all!
Few new things to sell or trade but mostly things I've "offered" before. I think my prices are in line with UK lowest for new/as new items on Bricklink, none of my stuff has been played with or displayed, I have only ever assembled the minifigures (and in some cases not even assembled)... but as always, happy to work things out and do deals!

sh569 Rocket Racoon, new unassembled, complete. £7.25
Endgame White Jumpsuits x3 (torsos and legs) as included in #76124 & #76126 à la sh572 £5 each...
...I could potentially be persuaded to part with heads+hair for Hawkeye and Thor, although I did want those for parts.

Captain Marvel Avengers poster/print (5005877) x2 £6 each? really don't know on this, one went for £10 on ebay recently, otherwise there are a few chancers looking for £12 or more.

bat004 Two-Face, like new £16.50
bat006 TF henchman, like new £7.50
bat009 Robin, like new £16
bat018 Poison Ivy, like new £18

sh178 Vision, new £9
sh033 Loki like new £6.75
sh167 Iron-man MK43 new £3.75
sh500 Proxima new £4
sh503 Falcon new £2.75 (no wings) £6 (with parts for wings & unused stickers)
sh169 mk1 Ultron like new £6
sh170 Thor new £5.50
sh177 Capt. America like new £6
sh018 Thor like new £4
#30525 Guardian's ship polybag £3.50

ow009 Overwatch D.Va £8.50

Black VIP card holder £45
Final figures from #10123 Cloud City
sw0045 Han £10
sw0004 Vader £7 comes with chrome hilt lightsaber
sw0036 stormtrooper slightly misprinted, £3 comes with blaster
#10123 no minifigures! but boxed, all parts & instructions, great if not 'as new' condition £190 (box not the best, has a few creases and dents).
#75111 Darth Vader, used with box £9.50

hp139 Hermione
hp150 Harry
hp153 Harry
hp154 Ron... £1.50 each?

Postage at cost.
Offers and questions via PM only please.

Mainly looking for sh213 Scuba Iron man and sh229 Space Iron man at the moment, not that bothered about the whole sets that they came from but if there was a good trade for someone, I'd be happy to try to find appropriate value items... I've still got a spare Percival Graves and a S18 Policeman that I could do a deal on too I think currently they're about £10-£12 each?

For trading, my wants:


  • Robb200Robb200 Member Posts: 30
    Pm sent
  • Mr_CrossMr_Cross Member Posts: 1,672
    I've managed to locate a Scuba Iron-man. So if anyone has a Space Iron-man reasonably priced in good condition... I don't necessarily need the head, I'm actually just after the legs and torso, but I doubt there's much to be saved that way anyway.

    I've also got a Easter Chick pod #853958, think I'd like about £7?

    Open to offers.
  • Mr_CrossMr_Cross Member Posts: 1,672
    I managed to get the Space Iron man in the Avenjet set for a reasonable price, which means I now have:
    sh214 Scuba Capt. America, new but assembled £1.75
    sh226 Captain Marvel - Red Sash, new unassembled £11
    sh227 Hyperion, new unassembled £4
    sh228 Capt. America, new unassembled £2
    sh230 Thanos big fig with dark blue arms, new in the factory sealed bag £16.50

    Open to offers.
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