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Dreaming of LEGO

The_Brick_BuilderThe_Brick_Builder Member Posts: 658
edited January 2012 in Everything else LEGO
Last night, I had a dream that I was at an official LEGO Shop, and they had all MISB old 1980 sets. But those sets weren't official sets, they were sets that my mind created. One was a castle with some minifigs, and one was a man and a door. My mind also created some fake set numbers. Now as crazy as I seem right now, I remembered those set numbers and today morning I looked them up. It just seemed too surreal.

Now what were your most crazy dreams of LEGO? I'm sure there are a lot more bigger ones!


  • Si_UKNZSi_UKNZ Member Posts: 4,179
    There are 5 stages in LEGOholism and you, my friend, have reached stage 5 :o)
  • nodnarb162nodnarb162 Member Posts: 58
    I had a dream once that I was in some sort of wallmart, and I walked down an Isle to and it had every set that I ever wanted :O all the old alpha team that I missed out on, the rest of the aqua raiders, The cafe corner, the sand crawler, etc... and the worst part was...I knew it was a dream :( Needless to say I didn't want to wake up :P
  • MaverickDengoMaverickDengo Member Posts: 25
    edited January 2012
    Last night I had a horrible dream...

    I was in an official LEGO store. It consisted of a large room with a cash register, and a small walk-in closet where all the merchandise was kept. Don't ask me why they kept their product in a closet, because I don't know...

    Anyways back to the important part. I picked out 4 large lego sets. 2 of them were made-up Dino sets (one had a large pterodactyl, and one was like 5886 but BIGGER!), 1 was LEGO Star Wars (I have no idea which set, but it was a big box), and the last set was the Modular Pet Shop, I think...

    So I went to go pay for these sets, but than I was horrified to find out:

    A. My money was canadian, and my mom would only pay with american cash because it was cheaper or something (I don't know why my mom was paying for the sets, even though I was the one with the money)

    B. I didn't have enough money! for some reason I thought I had $1,000 even though I only had $40. I guess I left the rest of my money at home.

    C. My mom wouldn't let me get anything unless I bought my brother a set too, but the set he wanted (The LEGO Star Wars Tantive IV) was discontinued! I searched all over that closet, but there was nothing! (Oddly enough though, the closet was FULL of sets that I wanted)

    All in all It was a horrible experience. Too bad I didn't get that Pet Shop though... :P
  • Blue1dotBlue1dot Member Posts: 78
    What a horrible dream! Did you have pepperoni pizza last night?
  • 4brickmoney4brickmoney Member Posts: 27
    I have dreams about LEGO often. Probably because after work im tired and its the final thing Im tinkering with. Its always weird pieces that dont exist or I dream I need to pay for them and the numbers get all confused.
  • omgitsrenzoomgitsrenzo Member Posts: 46
    I had a dream that I went down to walmart to look for some honey roasted peanuts .. On my wayhome the Lego truck passes by and the driver pulled to the side and began to just open the legos in the truck .. Apparently he's had enough of not being able to play them

    Seeig as I'm the only person who saw it he payed me in legos to not blab .. Came home with loads of old starwars , potc harry potter etc etc it was a rad time. In my dream I went to my room , arranged them and went to bed

    I woke up ... No legos -___- a bad day ensued
  • MaverickDengoMaverickDengo Member Posts: 25
    @4brickmoney If you're talking to me, the answer is no. I don't eat pepperoni pizza. I'm vegetarian... :P

    @omgitsrenzo I have dreams like that every once in a while. I'm always sad when I wake up and find that there are no new sets in my collection...
  • omgitsrenzoomgitsrenzo Member Posts: 46
    @MaverickDengo it's the worst feeling my friend :/.. But I have similiar type dreams alot Its usually either with Lego or a celebrity crush ( Selena gomez most of the time ) ;D
  • SparkyHamSparkyHam Member Posts: 141
    My Lego dreams often have a moral dilemma, the latest being I'm in an independent Lego shop (of which we have many in Hong Kong), and half-way through buying a set, the shop owner keels over and dies.

    I call the emergency services, but in the meantime, I'm left with the dilemma of sticking around or grabbing a sack, filling it full of sets (that happen to be on my wish-list) and making a shady exit.

    I wake up never having made a decision.
  • plasmodiumplasmodium Member Posts: 1,956
    edited January 2012
    In a dream I had last February, I practically invented the best strategy/board game, but it was IN LEGO! It was kinda like Settlers of Catan or Carcassonne, but with elements of the Civilisation, Fire Emblem and Age Of Empires video games...You had castles, and you could build armies, and move them around the board and attack other player's castles and everything...And you could play as all the factions from the Black Falcons to the recent Lion knights...Only now I can't remember enough of the rules to be able to try and play it.
  • Lego_Lord_MayorcaLego_Lord_Mayorca Member Posts: 618
    The dreams mentioned by the topic starter and nodnarb162 are what I dream of most often when Lego is involved. Usually, I dream I enter some kind of store (WalMart, grocery store, convenience store, warehouse, etc.) and as I wander (with and without my parents), I eventually find a Lego aisle filled with sets and parts bins, usually of a more vintage variety (1980 to 1995). Some sets, although being packaged in appropriate boxes, are clearly non-existent sets (though they are certainly derived from actual ones I desire), while others are familiar sets with slight cosmetic differences to the box. Usually, I never see a single set I own in real life, though that recently has changed (had a dream a few nights ago where I held an #8880 Super Car).

    My mother is fond of interpreting dreams, and when I described the sensation of not being able to obtain these sets in the dreams either because of parental mandate or (you're going to laugh) because I physically can't reach them on the shelves, she divines that I have an inner child that is dying to be free, yet is always restrained. Note that these dreams were quite frequent in college. After my senior year and some big purchases (like that Super Car and the Monorail Transport Base), I seem to be having these dreams with less frequency. Who knows for certain, but I definitely have Lego firmly planted in my subconscious.
  • stagusstagus Member Posts: 256
    I have had only one that I can recall. I had a functioning DS! It was awesome until it started destroying the rest of my sets....eventually woke up with a start and quickly checked the loft to make sure!
  • stagusstagus Member Posts: 256
    Brilliant topic BTW!
  • prof1515prof1515 Member Posts: 1,550
    I do recall one dream where I was trying to buy sets and found that they had an array of sets from my childhood. It was frustrating though since I wanted those sets too and it was far too much money to get all of those along with the ones I wanted now. That's all that I remember about the dream aside from that it took place in the long-gone, ie. 15+ years, toy store I used to shop at as a child.
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