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W: CMF Lego Movie 2, Haunted House H: Chima, Western, Ninjago, City, Misc (USA only)

skullboyskullboy DFWMember Posts: 203
Location here in Texas.  Hello all items in my collection are adult owned and smoke free home, mostly kept in baggies or bins to prevent dust and dirt build up.  I am looking for a few things to trade.  I also have a few things to trade or sell I do need to make some room and raise funds to take my daughter on a nice vacation.  Please make fair offers and no low ball offers.  I am willing to work on trades and price to move stuff.  I should have sufficient feedback on here.  If you are new or don't have many deals under your belt I ask for you to send first.  I do have more stuff than what is listed I just skimmed through my online brick inventory.  

I will be listing more when I have a chance, though I have to move some clutter to see other clutter.  

CMF's Lego Movie 2

Giraffe Guy
Crayon Girl
Sherry Scratchen-Post and Scarfield
Watermelon Due
Flackback Lucy
Candy Rapper
Apocalypseburg Abe
Vest Friend Rex
Kitty Pop

#7235 Police Bikes x multiple

Haves (All are loose unless noted otherwise)

Jurassic World
#5005255 minifigures Owen, Clair, and Blue Baby Raptor only Still has box NO Ian Malcom
#30320 Gallimimus Trap (NiP)

Series 16 The Rogue
Series 16 The Spy
Series 16 Dog Show Winner
Series 13 Alien Trooper
Series 13 Disco Diva
Series 13 Galaxy Trooper
Lego Movie Calamity Drone
Lego Movie President Business
Lego Movie Wiley Fusebot
Series 6 Intergalactic Girl
Series 7 Jungle Boy
Series 7 Viking Woman
Series 3 Rapper
Series 4 Viking
Series 4 Soccer Player
Series 5 Fitness Instructor
Series 5 Evil Dwarf
Series 16 Cyborg
Series 17 Battle Dwarf

Chima (Loose complete with minifigures) (I have lots of Chima stuff let me know if you are looking for anything)
#70004 Wakz Pack Tracker
#70001 Crawley's Claw Ripper
#30250 Ewar's Arco Fighter
#30256 Ice Bear Mech
#70006 Craggers Command Ship (Nib)
#70014 Croc Swamp Hideout (NIB)

Ninjago (bigger boxes I may have to open and ship just in insides, I do not have boxes big enough for them)
#70627 Dragon's Forge (NiB)
#70642 Killow vs Samurai X (NiB)
#30294 Cowler Dragon (NiP)
#30422 Kai's Mini Dragon (loose complete)
#70610 Flying Jellysub (only the complete sub is in this lot)

#60200 Capitol City (NiB)
#60077 Space Starter Set (loose complete)
#7741 Police Helicopter (loose complete)
#7938 Passenger Train (loose complete) motor functions work may have had it built for a few times around the track no abuse or crashes.

Pirates (Loose Complete, Never Assembled)
#40158 Pirate Chess Set x2, Will part with just the figures if need be

Friends (loose complete)
#41127 Amusement Park Arcade
I know my daughter has a lot of Friends sets as far as completeness it should be complete or close to complete but its a project lot she has the Dolphin Cruiser, Hot Air Balloon, Jungle Theme sets, a horse ranch/stable and several smaller sets.  She never played with them mostly her grandma put them together and she had them on display and now are sitting in a closet would also like to sell as a bulk lot.

Creator (loose complete)
#31035 Beach Hut

#7306 Golden Staff Guardians

Western (loose complete, instructions may not be in best shape, I have extra soldiers, Indians, cowboys, cannons, and bandits) Would like to move as a lot.

#7606 Frontier Patrol
#6712 Sheriffs Showdown
#6716 Covered Wagon ( I believe I have multiples of this )
#6755 Sheriff's Lock Up
#6765 Gold City Junction
#6769 Fort Legorado

Pirates (complete loose or NIB) Would like to move as a lot
#70409 Shipwreck Defense
#70410 Soldiers Outpost ( NIB )
#70411 Treasure Island
#70412 Soldiers Fort 
#70413 The Brick Bounty (NIB)



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