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Strange/ Old sets you found in the wild



  • MonkMonk Member Posts: 10
    So I got a box of Legos off of CL and as I was digging thru I found an Islander fig with his shield. Not a big deal until I looked closer at his shield. It wasn't printed on it is a sticker. Is this a pretty common thing? I've never come across an Islander shield with a stick. Any ideas?
  • andheandhe Member Posts: 4,000

    ^ Hey, there are some of those "missing Chima games"!!! :)

    In all honesty, it did cross my mind... But figured it was unlikely they were fencing stolen goods.

  • IwantmorelegosIwantmorelegos Member Posts: 42
    Thursday at Target I found the 8038 Endor battle set from a few years ago for $30. They also had multiples of Vaders Tie and the Hoth set from that same wave (at regular price). It was very strange, everything looked like it had just came out of shipping cases.
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