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Train Sets



  • gold682gold682 Member Posts: 257
    Just posted a deal in the buying section where amazon & argos have the 7938 passenger set for £77.24. Worth it? I assume the RC is channel selectable so could run both trains on one layout?
  • Si_UKNZSi_UKNZ Member Posts: 4,179
    Put it this way, 3 of them just arrived at my house :)
    And yes, I assume its channel selectable too - no reason to think its not.
  • MinifigsMeMinifigsMe Member Posts: 2,844
    Can someone please let me know what I'd need to power the emerald night? (and in fact the TS3 train).
    Thanks :)
  • Si_UKNZSi_UKNZ Member Posts: 4,179
    edited April 2011
    full details on motorising the emerald night here

    Motorize your Emerald Night by adding LEGO Power Functions #8882 Power Functions XL Motor, #8867 Flexible Train Track, #8878 Power Functions Rechargeable Battery Box, #8887 Transformer 10v DC adapter, #8884 Power Functions IR Receiver,#8870 Power Functions LED Lights, #8879 Power Functions IR Speed Remote Control!

    (or just get 7938. Have both in front of me and am planning to do the same myself in the next couple of days)
  • MinifigsMeMinifigsMe Member Posts: 2,844
    crikey! that's quite a lot more to buy! seems like canibalising the cheap passenger train from amazon makes sense. Once you have one train set I presume I need less for each extra train?
    I'm contemplating the cargo train and emerald night. But maybe the passenger and emerald night, and using the bits from the passenger, and only having one train going at a time...(occasionally having the toy story train running as well...)
  • MinifigsMeMinifigsMe Member Posts: 2,844
    also, thanks! I should have looked for myself, sorry for being lazy!
  • Si_UKNZSi_UKNZ Member Posts: 4,179
    If you want more trains youll probably want more track and to control each train seperately, so, no, every time you add a train you need to add all that too if you want it motorised.

    No worries, its easier to ask people than trawl around. Just getting into trains myself for the first time, and have about 10 unopened boxes in the spare room.
    Check the bricklist I've built, might help:
  • MinifigsMeMinifigsMe Member Posts: 2,844
    Thanks :) I like the way your list makes it sound like £1000 is totally reasonable for 8 trains!

    I get that you need the power functions for each train, I wondered if the speed controller was switchable to each train from one controller?

    I was thinking the passenger train's bits can power the emerald night, and on occasion I could make the passenger train for a change. looks like it would work out the same price as buying the PF bits on their own (at the current discount price)
  • brickmaticbrickmatic Member Posts: 1,071
    Power Functions IR controllers function on four separate channels. There is a switch on the remote control and the receiver to set which channel you're operating on. So you can control four trains with one controller. Or with four controllers.
  • Si_UKNZSi_UKNZ Member Posts: 4,179
    Just picked up a controller off ebay for £6 posted so why limit yourself? Hope it works ;)

    Finished the emerald yesterday, will be motorising it soon, will let u know how it goes.
  • MinifigsMeMinifigsMe Member Posts: 2,844
    Cargo train, level crossing and station on it's way (thanks amazon) :-D
    It can be my reward for the upcoming week of redecorating and DIY. Getting the games room sorted out this week. Looking for lots of storage and a good size table...can't think why!! ;-)

    S@H is cheapest for the Emerald night, shame I missed the free delivery :(
  • madforLEGOmadforLEGO Member Posts: 10,836
    Amazon has the Emerald night, for free shipping and, usually, no sales tax.
    Amazon pretty much beats anything else if all prices are equal or close.
  • AquapolisAquapolis Member Posts: 32
    omg stop it already. i am trying to resist the urge to buy the cargo train for the past 3 mths!
  • MinifigsMeMinifigsMe Member Posts: 2,844
    In the UK Emerald knight is around £40 more on Amazon for some reason :(

    Aquapolis - come join us on the dark (train-y) side ;-)
  • Si_UKNZSi_UKNZ Member Posts: 4,179
    The reason is that I'm the seller ;)
    No, really ;)
  • madforLEGOmadforLEGO Member Posts: 10,836
    @Savage_Steel: WOW, my bad.... sorry about that.
  • JasenJasen Member Posts: 283
    Haha "Aquapolis" stay strong :) There's a new Cargo train on it's way. I am also trying to stay away from buying the Cargo Train, even so far as now attending CTNBA (Cargo Trains Non-Buyers Anon) haha.

    But I digress, I'm also curious - I'm keen to buy another "Passenger Train". Is there instructions or something along those lines to help join 2 together or is it going to be up to me to work it out? I already have 2 extra mid carraiges and want to run the 2 engines with the one remote (power at either end). As it is, The Passenger Train can't handle moving 3 carraiges and both the ends. Hence the need (I keep telling myself it's essential haha)
  • Si_UKNZSi_UKNZ Member Posts: 4,179
    edited April 2011
    I have a half assembled passenger train in front of me right now... the idea would be to put 2 motors in the front unit, but .... the bogey with the motor in is longer than the dummy front bogey of the unit, so to put 2 motors in the lead car would mean lengthening it by 2 studs, so it would not match the rear dummy car. However, you'd also have 2x the 'long dummy' bogey so you could just lengthen the back car as well and put those dummy bogeys on that one. Lengthening it shouldn't be too much of a big deal except for the roof - no idea how/if it's possible yet without a major re-engineer/ not looking right.

    The other alternative would be to just have a motor car on the front and back - run a power functions extension cable through the train to join it to the same battery and transmitter - think that'd work. not sure how/ if you'd need to change the direction of travel of the motor though. This wont be as powerful as the above option though.

    Powering the first coach might not be a bad option either, notwithstanding the bogey issue.

    PS, @Savage_Steel; with the emerald night, have just realised (duuuh) that it's designed to take the power funcitons XL motor not the train motor; luckily have a spare one lying around...

    .. also, the reason the emerald is so expensive on amazon UK is that the only reseller allowed in the UK is lego themselves, so anyone selling it has bought it at RRP and once the (not insignificant) amazon fees are added it's immediately going to be over £100 from anywhere else.
  • Si_UKNZSi_UKNZ Member Posts: 4,179
    PS, train fans, the Toy Story trash compactor set is half price on argos right now and with minor adaption will make a great addition to a train or harbour ...
  • gold682gold682 Member Posts: 257
    Just added the 7898 Cargo Train set to my small collection, courtesy of eBay! Still undecided on whether to bag a 7938 passenger set for the motor functions & track but I really dislike the train, or spend the money on some accessories (station, points, track etc).
    However, I have made the decision on not to try and get EVERY set, but instead limit myself to the RC or non-motorised trains (ie. no electric sets/track).

    Having sais all that I think I might save the money and go for the Maersk, as it looks fantastic (I assume some on here have it and have motorised it?)
  • JasenJasen Member Posts: 283
    I was thinking more along the lines of powering the 1st and 4th in the line so it's basically 2 trains joined together seperately.
    I'm just not sure if there is a way to go about physically joining them without sacrificing the actual physically shape, eg the 'bumperbars and light fixtures?)
  • Si_UKNZSi_UKNZ Member Posts: 4,179
    edited April 2011
    you could moc it to add bumpers so it looks something like this;image
  • zumazuma Member Posts: 17
    @gold682, I have the Maersk and it is truly superb. I would definately recommend it.
    I have motorised it to RC with the bits from the passenger train set 7938. The instructions to motorise it are included in the instruction manual you get with the Maersk, and it is easy to do.
  • MatthewMatthew Administrator Posts: 3,714
    ^ What do you have to remove to motorise it? Are there many spare parts?
  • zumazuma Member Posts: 17
    edited April 2011
    @Matthew, pm me with your email address, I will take photos of the instruction booklet for this showing the process. You have to remove the engine and few parts to fit the RC receiver.
  • MatthewMatthew Administrator Posts: 3,714
    ^ Thanks, done
  • rocaorocao Administrator Posts: 4,290
    ^^ Instructions also available at, motorizing is page 46+:
  • MinifigsMeMinifigsMe Member Posts: 2,844
    edited April 2011
    Hubby (after answering the door): did you order a massive box from amazon?
    Me (quietly): maybe
    Hubby: is it lego?
    Me: it might be (feeling sheepish)
    Hubby: is it that train you keep going on about?
    Me: yes...*long pause* and a station
    Hubby: but a cargo train doesn't need a station!
    Me: yeah but when I get emerald night I'll need one
    Hubby: I see. *pause* Shall we get some more track??

    Lego train WIN!

    About to assembly it now, he's excited too. I think I'm winning him over :)
  • MartinMartin Member Posts: 375
    In my next life, I'd like to be a female AFOL. It seems to be much easier to convert your spouse that way... :-)
  • atkinsaratkinsar Member Posts: 4,258
    edited April 2011
    Wife (after answering the door): this had better be a large box of nappies or I'm leaving you!
    Me: erm...
  • Si_UKNZSi_UKNZ Member Posts: 4,179
    Know the feeling... today 8 more big sets arrived, and my poor wife got one of the boxes and said "is this my new camera bits" (shake of the box) "oh (sign), its just more lego ... where are we going to put it all?" - which is a fair question I might add. She's pretty impressed with Emerald night though, but she's a MoC-er at heart, so needs converting to the cash-eating ways of set hoarding. Havent told her yet about the monorail I won on eBay yesterday (yeeayy finally!) ... anyway, thats me done with acquisitions for a while, need to let the credit card cool down a bit.

    In the meantime I have a bucket load of trains to build, cargo train next.

    Tried MoC-ing a new front end onto the passenger train using lots of old ferrari bits, but can't get anything to look right. It's definitely as ugly as I thought it'd be, it looks rubbish next to emerald and the tram - I've been using pics of the new TGV, eurostar, bullet train etc but none really seem lego-able .. think I might give up on that set and maybe convert the bases into cargo wagons.

  • MartinMartin Member Posts: 375
    ^ I actually don't think the front end of the passenger train is that bad...but that's probably because I remember building the previous passenger train (7897) which was truly horrible (the huge nose section didn't even fit properly). Don't get me wrong, I think there's plenty of scope to improve the current passenger set - I might even have a go one day.

    If you want some inspiration for various train designs, check out James Mathis' work. He's created some lovely designs:
  • MinifigsMeMinifigsMe Member Posts: 2,844
    8 sets? Poor postman! (and poor wife!) I agree that storage is becoming an issue. Off to ikea to look for solutions.

    Well we almost finished the cargo train and station tonight, both of us loved it, a few neat bits, like the sliding doors on the station building, and the crane for the containers.
    We haven't powered it up yet, waiting till we've got a big table to put it on (and also for the batteries to charge up).

    I'm definitely converting hubby, he likes lego anyway, he was just getting annoyed at the money being spent and the living room being taken over by my lego sorting...but hopefully the new games room will help solve that issue :)
  • brickmaticbrickmatic Member Posts: 1,071
    @Savage_Steel For some reason boys and men tend to really like trains. If you want to win over your husband trains are the way to go.
  • MatthewMatthew Administrator Posts: 3,714
    You just convinced me to go and order the cargo train, but it's back up to RRP now!
  • gold682gold682 Member Posts: 257
    Unlike my scenario with other half:
    Wife: you just ordered something from amazon?
    Me: errrr, yes.
    Wife: it's not more Lego, is it?
    Me: maybe.....
    Wife: Will you stop wasting money on Lego....we've got an extension and kitchen to finish.....where's it all going.....etc, etc!

    Unfortunately for me, she is right on all counts (apart from the waste of money bit.....i've already pointed out to her how much my UCS Star Wars sets are worth, but her answer is "bl**dy sell them then!", she just doesn't understand!)

    I also can't convince her to get "into" Lego. About the only stuff she has liked has been the mini-fig collections (probably because they don't cost the earth and more importantly don't take up any space)

    So, if anyone has any tips on smoothing the path of collecting Lego with SWMBO then i'm all ears.

    As an aside, is it wrong for a grown man to ask for Lego from his wife at say, birthdays, anniversaries and xmas.....she normally gets me a set for xmas, but it is actually me buying it way in advance and hiding it, before giving it to her to wrap up for me just before xmas!
  • atkinsaratkinsar Member Posts: 4,258
    "is it wrong for a grown man to ask for Lego from his wife at say, birthdays, anniversaries and xmas"

    No of course not, I ask for LEGO from my wife and my mum for birthday's and Christmas (yes, despite being in my 30's, my mum still buys me a Christmas present!).
  • MartinMartin Member Posts: 375
    ^^ No, it's fine to ask. I sometimes get (surprise) sets for birthdays/Christmas/fathers' day, etc. As for smoothing the path with your spouse, I've tried several ideas. The one that's been most successful is reminding her that a couple of her friends have husbands who play rugby every Saturday and golf every Sunday. I ask her if I should give up LEGO and take up those sports instead, but of course she'd end up looking after the children all weekend. Seems to work if I use it sparingly....sometimes! :-)
  • drdavewatforddrdavewatford Administrator Posts: 6,756
    edited April 2011
    No harm in mum and dad bought me the Maersk train for my birthday and I'm in my 40's!
  • MinifigsMeMinifigsMe Member Posts: 2,844
    you're right that getting boys into lego is always going to be easier then the other way round. But what you don't realise is that I have an internal dialogue that you have with your wives with myself. I KNOW we need loads of new furniture, and to decorate and really should save some money...but lego is so much more fun to buy (and definitely more fun than decorating). And I really don't know where I'm going to store it all!

    Anyway, that's all a bit off topic!

    Back to the trains. I've still not laid out my track, it's waiting till the decorating is done and we've assembled the new dinning table to put it on. (bought one from ikea, then got storage chests instead of chairs, so there's somewhere to put at least some of the lego!)
    It's very cool. I let hubby put the engine together, he's clearly playing a very clever game as he got to do all the best bits! I definitely need to make more containers for the crane to lift around :-)

    Can you buy the trucks for the wagons on bricklink or PAB?

    seems like they're fairly simple, if you've got the wheels and buffers.
  • MinifigsMeMinifigsMe Member Posts: 2,844
    Also, yes, lego sets seem a great thing to ask for for presents, much more fun to buy people, and it's easier to than trying to guess what a bloke wants (seriously, you're all so hard to buy for). In fact I'm tempted to get an train for dad, as he loves trains (and actual train spotter and model railway dude)...I can't believe he never bought me one when I was little! I guess we were too poor :(
  • brickmaticbrickmatic Member Posts: 1,071
    ^^ Are you guys doing a permanent display on the table?
  • MinifigsMeMinifigsMe Member Posts: 2,844
    No, we need the table for other crafty activities too.

    But the drawers in the storage chests will be the perfect place to put built up models and then get them out when we want to continue building.
    Got 2 of these:
    And this:

    Though I'm tempted by this:
    which is much bigger, but I doubt it will fit :(
  • madforLEGOmadforLEGO Member Posts: 10,836
    edited April 2011
    ^-- I would say if you do not care about looks, try going to a retail store and getting a folding table. Fairly sturdy, decent looking(or put some kind of cloth around, or on it to cover it), and should not be that expensive. OR even cheaper is a piece of plywood and two 'saw horse's'
    I plan on going to target/Costco and picking up a bunch of folding tables for about 30-40 each and using those for my layout (when I have a room to put a layout into that is)
    In the mean time I have look at 'O' scale train display cases to store and display all of my Lego trains, it also has a sliding front 'cover' so I can hopefully keep them dust free.. the trick is the price, they are rather pricy.. I have thought about building my own train display case with wood and a piece of plexiglass as a front 'window'. It is debatable as to which is cheaper....
  • MinifigsMeMinifigsMe Member Posts: 2,844
    Oh I do care about looks!! It will be a dinning table when we have guests. The room has a games theme, space invader rug and board games on the wall, but I don't want a full on lego set up there permanently. But having seen the scale of things at the lego show today, me and hubby thing we need to get the biggest table we can fit in!!
  • ThisIsMyCupThisIsMyCup Member Posts: 156
    what train sets come with tracks?
    i have the emerald night, maersk, and just picked up hogwart's express on clearance.
    i also have stashed away the newest train station and level i have a little bit of track but not even enough to make a small loop.
  • MinifigsMeMinifigsMe Member Posts: 2,844
    The current cargo train and passenger train come with tracks. The cargo comes with 2 points, which aren't in the passenger set. Worth keeping an eye out for them being discounted again, as track alone is expensive. They're also both motorised. Though the ones you have can have motors added.

    Ps the station is lovely.
  • ThisIsMyCupThisIsMyCup Member Posts: 156
    i wish the physical lego stores sold power function parts or track....i was pretty disappointed that they didnt when i visited the downtown disney one last weekend when i picked up the maersk set.
  • Si_UKNZSi_UKNZ Member Posts: 4,179
    @Savage_Steel; I'm also mulling over solutions, since the train layout gets really big.
    Have you considered fixing the track to bits of plywood, then you can leave your track set up and fixed to the boards, and take the boards in and out when you want to use it. Obviously all the trains and buildings need to be removed too. I'd prefer to put it on the floor rather than a table though.

    PS im surprised you managed to get back from the show without a Maersk ;-)
  • MinifigsMeMinifigsMe Member Posts: 2,844
    @Si I still haven't bought the emerald night, my willpower is strong.... alright, it's in my S@H basket, but haven't bought it YET! Trouble is, if I order I want to get lots to stop being peed at the delivery price.

    I have thought about the plywood etc, but I still have to find somewhere to put that. And I don't want to stick the track down either.
    Besides we need a table anyway, and it seems silly to buy more chairs (we have some at the kitchen table), so the drawers are staying, but an extendable table that goes big enough for a track (but would mean moving furniture round) would be good. And handy for Xmas dinner.

    If anyone spots a white table that goes from 150cm ish to 250 and 100cm wide let me know!
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