A LEGO House special Bonusball Edition - 11 April 2019 deadline

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I was in Billund last week for a Star Wars Anniversary Fan Evening, so time for a special Bonus Ball! If you know how these work, feel free to go straight to the end of my post ;)

But first a shout-out for hosts: these Brickset Bonus Balls can only happen when we have hosts. So if you feel like having a go and fancy being a game-master for a day, reach out to @snowhitie who keeps a list. I'm sure she'd be appreciative of any offers from potential future hosts.

As you might know, The LEGO House in Billund has a moulding machine on site. The machine produces 2x4 red bricks (element 3001), and puts these in polybag #624210 LEGO House 6 Bricks.

With just 6 2x4 bricks, there are 915,103,765 possible combinations that the bricks can be built into.

When you leave the Lego House you are assigned a random number that is unique to your visit. A signature card is printed that shows your number and the combination that it relates to. You get to take your card and the polybag as a memento of your visit. 

When I visited The LEGO House for the first time in 2017, I received combo number 73,213,160:

Last year when I visited in May, my combo was 36,697,225.

After these "small" numbers, I received a larger combo in November: 732,360,128.

Last year I week my combo was quite different again:

How does all this relate to the Bonusball?

The question this week is simple:

All you need to do is guess the number of the combination I received during my recent visit to The LEGO House.

That means the answer is a random number between 1 and 915,103,765. It could be a small one, It could be a massive one. It could be in the middle. Who knows? However it will be different from 73,213,160, 36,697,225 and 732,360,128 - those were the unique numbers I received earlier. At the end of the draw, the closest number wins. 

The competition closes 20:00 CET 11 April 2018. I will post a picture of my new signature card shortly after this time and then work out who’s won.

The prize? 

The winner can choose one of The LEGO House exclusive polybags/key chains. In case you already own those, I'll dive in my stash of polybags!

Good luck everyone!


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