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Hello! Intro

BrickBlokesBrickBlokes SDMember Posts: 8
Good day to all! We are two bearded brothers, Ike and Luke, who are new to this forum. 
We recently started a lego speed build and review YouTube channel called Brick Blokes.
We'd love it if you checked us out and subscribed. Like I said, we just started, so your support during this kickoff time is much appreciated!
We're hoping to increase our quality, fun factor, and variety of videos as we go.
We both played with alot of LEGOs as kids. Ike was into the old Wild West sets (Fort Legoredo!!) And Luke mainly collected Star Wars. But, we moved away rom home and all the LEGOs stayed for our younger brother and sister. I guess we're kinda starting over. Does anyone else relate to that experience? Haha!

Thanks for the opportunity to introduce ourselves.


  • truck730truck730 Member Posts: 211
    Hi Blokes jealous of mustang ,I made the WRC  fiesta and wished it didn't need the decals but it's a nice build and gives me hope of a mustang stable mate soon ,so well done and welcome into the brickset fold
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