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Medieval Lift / elevator

AV_GuyAV_Guy Member Posts: 7
edited April 2019 in Building and Techniques
Hello all.  I'm sure this question has been asked before, i searched the forums, but i didnt have much luck finding info on what im looking to build.  I'm very recently out of the dark ages of 25 years, So my apologies in advance.  

I'm working on a large scale moc, to showcase all my old castle sets (and the ones ive been buying up now to complete said themes etc)

Its coming together nicely, i'll post pics once i'm at least kinda complete so it doesnt just look stupid.  

(Though i will admit buying 190 32x32 baseplates was very annoying)  I could have finished out the forest sets for that price lol.

With all of that being said.  I never got into technics when i was a kid.  So i'm not very familiar with their parts, other than what ive seen in the newer star wars USC sets ive picked up.

What i want to build is a "midieval" based lift.  To lift supplies from the basement into the castle proper.  I'm also going to use the same design to lift raw iron from the mine into the blacksmiths lounge.  (which amazingly is located directly beneath the blacksmith, its amazing how that works out!)

I'm envisioning a 4 x 10 platform, which when raised to maximum, is at equal height to the hole i created in castle proper.  

I dont want it motorized, well ya for obvious reasons lol. 

So my question to you guys, what technic parts would you recommend for this?  

After scouring websites all day at work (while i was pretending to actually do work)  I thought a simple string attached to a lego on a spindle attached to a wagon wheel to turn the mechanism would be some what in keeping with time period. But i'm having a dog of a time figuring out which technic parts i need for the lift to connect to, so it doesnt dance in the breeze

Sorry for the long post, just trying to get across what im trying to accomplish.

Thank you very much in advance everyone!




  • jason1976jason1976 Member Posts: 309
    Hi Aaron,

    My first thought was to keep it simple and use part 73037 (String Reel Winch 2x4x2) which is used in several castle sets for the drawbridge. Build a tower to support it, then trap the string between a block and a largish plate and you should have an old style lift system?

    Or maybe something like this would work for you? Attach the end of the string to a horse or two at ground level, you could position the horses so the container rises or drops, or pose it in between. From the photos this would be pretty sturdy.

    Is that any help?

  • AV_GuyAV_Guy Member Posts: 7
    Great idea, I really love the horse idea, i didnt think of that, but definatly in keeping with the theme!
  • CyberdragonCyberdragon Member Posts: 549
    They had water powered hoists and machines back then, but often they were cranked by slaves. You could use an anchor winch for that (which is pretty much the same thing) attatched to a drum with the string going through pullies.

  • AV_GuyAV_Guy Member Posts: 7
    Oh even better.  I'm diggin the getting into time line, thank you (well i do want to keep this in character of the era etc)  Im gonna play with building a lift with a counter weight, with a few slaves turning a wheel to counter the balance when things need to get done.  

    I really love the water idea, but the purist in me says, if my little lego peons are using water, i need real water, and i'm not sure how my wife will take to me piping a house from the sink into my lego vignette lol.  

    Thank you for the great ideas~
  • 560Heliport560Heliport Member Posts: 3,730
    @AV_Guy On the Brickset main page, go to "More...", then "Library", then "Ideas books", then down to 1987, Ideas Book 250, page 44 has a neat human-powered lift. I don't know if you can use it, but it's pretty neat! I sure miss those Idea books.
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