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FS: Brick Bank & Detective Office - new and sealed

ateagueateague Member Posts: 171
Hello all. Moving house and need to sell most of my sets. Here we go...

Lego Brick Bank & Detective Office

New and Sealed

Collection only - willing to meet around 75 miles from Gloucestershire 



  • ateagueateague Member Posts: 171
    edited April 2019
    Old Fishing Store - £110 (built once and displayed)
  • ateagueateague Member Posts: 171
    Ninjago City - £190 (built once and displayed)
  • ateagueateague Member Posts: 171
    edited April 2019
    Following CMF for sale - all opened but not used...
    prices exclude P&P

    Series 3 Gorilla Suit Guy 7.5
    Elf 5
    Series 5 Lizard Man 8
    Series 7 Aztec Warrior 5
    Bunny Suit 15
    Galaxy Patrol 2.5
    Series 10 Medusa 10
    Bumblebee Girl 20
    Sea Captain 7.5
    Sad Clown 2.5
    Series 11 Scarecrow 5
    Gingerbread Man 5
    Yeti 5
    Series 12 Battle Goddess 2.5
    Piggy Guy 5
    Spooky Girl 4
    Series 13 King 5
    Unicorn Girl 5
    Eqyptian Warrior 5
    Hot Dog 5
    Bricktober Boxer 2.5
    Hippie 2.5
    Cheerleader 2.5
    Sailor 2.5
    Classic Space 5
    Knight 5
    Pirate 5
    Dimensions Stay Puft 5
    Slimer 5
    ET 5
    Sonic 5
    Gizmo 5
    Stripe 5
    Beetlejuice 5
    Buttercup 5
    Blossom 5
    Bubbles 5
    Scooby Doo Fred 5
    Daphne 5
    Shaggy 5
    Scooby 5
    Zeke 5
    Marvel Wolverine 10
    Deadpool 15
    Magneto 5
    Hulk 5
    Ghostrider 5
    Classic Batman Mr Freeze 5
    DC Comics Batman 10
    Joker 20
    Batman 5
    Superman 5
    TMNT Leo 5
    Mickey 5
  • ateagueateague Member Posts: 171
    edited April 2019
    Following TLBM minifigures. Would prefer a sale for all...

    SH086 Man Bat
    SH304 Tartan
    SH305 Batgirl
    SH306 Harley Quinn
    SH307 The Joker - Vest
    SH308 Bruce Wayne
    SH309 Scubat
    SH310 Batpack
    SH311 Raging Bat
    SH312 Batman - Type 1
    SH313 Alfred
    SH314 The Penguin
    SH315 Robin
    SH316 Kabuki
    SH318 Batman - Type 2
    SH319 Mr Freeze
    SH320 Security Guard
    SH321 Killer Croc
    SH322 Tarantula
    SH323 Zebra
    SH324 The Joker - Longtails
    SH325 Dick Grayson
    SH326 Commisioner Gordon
    SH327 Poison Ivy
    SH328 Barbara Gprdon - SWAT
    SH329 Batman - Type 3
    SH330 Catwoman
    SH331 Security Guard
    SH332 Scarecrow - Pizza
    SH333 Magpie
    SH334 Riddler
    SH335 Calendar Man
    SH336 Kite Man
    SH337 Barbara Gordon - Pinstripe
    SH338 Catwoman - Prison
    SH339 Aaron Cash
    SH340 Dr. Harleen Quinzell
    SH342 Poison Ivy - Prison
    SH343 The Joker - Prison
    SH344 Riddler - Prison
    SH345 Two Face - Prison
    SH346 GCPD Officer - Female
    SH347 GCPD Officer - Male
    SH350 Mayor McCaskill            
    SH352 Arkham Statue
  • ateagueateague Member Posts: 171
    SH376 Roller Disco
    SH377 Tears of a Clown
    SH390 Tiger Tuxedo
    SH391 Scarecrow
    SH395 Two Face - Prison
    SH396 Mutant Leader
    SH397 Polka Dot Man
    SH398 Harley Quinn - Black and Red
    SH399 Chief O'Hara
    SH400 GCPD Officer 1
    SH401 GCPD Officer 2
    SH402 Batman - Wings
    SH414 Bane
    SH415 Batman - Type 4
    SH416 GCPD Female Officer
    SH417 GCPD Male Officer
    SH418 Flying Monkey
    SH418B Flying Monkey
    SH419 Batgirl
    SH424 Alfred - Batsuit
  • ateagueateague Member Posts: 171
    SH441 The Penguin - Prison
  • ateagueateague Member Posts: 171
    DIM043 Excalibat
    Wicked Witch
    SH449 Firestarter
    SH450 Reggae
    SH452 Space
    SH453 harley Quinn (cannon)
    SH454 Crazy Quilt
    SH455 Gentleman Ghost
    SH461 Hawkgirl
    SH462 El Dorado
    SH463 Superman
    SH464 Dick Grayson
    SH465 Green Arrow
    SH487 Egg Head
    SH488 Condiment King
  • ateagueateague Member Posts: 171
    Simpson’s CMF Series 2 - £35
  • ateagueateague Member Posts: 171
    TLNM CMF Series - £35
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