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[UK/WW] Moulded animals and bigfigs, need to be cleared out! (new animals added)

TheOneVeyronianTheOneVeyronian Member Posts: 1,372

I am in desperate need of an urgent clearout so I'm selling off all my moulded animals and bigfigs at cheap prices. Here's what I have:

Shark with Gills and White Teeth (large shark) £12
Classic Alligator (Green £1, Dark Green £1, Dark Gray £2, all 3 £3.50)
Dark Green new style alligator £1.50
Light Gray Dolphin (old style) £4
Bright Light Blue Friends dolphin £1
Manta Ray £4
Dark Red octopus £1
Toy Story octopus £2
New style sawfish £2.50
Classic Shark with Gills (Dark Gray £1, Black with white head £1, both £1.50)
White New style shark £2.50
Ultra Agents Robo-Shark (Sharkanator) £17
Gorilla Grodd £7.50
Hulk (Age of Ultron) £7.50
Dogshank £4.50
Green Goblin £4.50
Groot £9
Spider Bytez £2
Dogpound £2
Fishface £2
Leatherhead £5
Skeletal horses (Glow in the dark £2, black £2, both £3)
Ostrich £3
Dewback (includes bridle and olive green back slopes) £10
Castle Dragon (2013) (doesn't include flame) £20
Armoured green Fantasy Era dragon (doesn't include flame) £32
Classic Black Dragon £5

All figures are used but in excellent condition, no tooth marks in any of them (not even the dragon wings!) and owned most of these since I got them new (aside from the Fantasy Era dragons). Most of these prices are on the very low end of Bricklink current worldwide prices so are already very cheap, but if you're buying many then I'm prepared to do some very good deals!

I will do every single bigfig and animal listed here as a job lot for £125. Price slightly negotiable, please ask.

Prices don't include postage but start from £1 for the smaller animals and £2.90 for the others to the UK, and from about £3.50 to anywhere else. Please feel free to ask how much it would cost to send particular figures or combos of figures.

I've traded lots of times on these forums over the years without any issue.

If you would like any pictures of any of the figures, please ask.

And finally, if you're interested, send me a PM! I accept Paypal and may consider other forms of payment. I will try my best to answer all PM's in a timely fashion :o)

Thanks for looking!


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