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Atlantis Sets For Sale

terfstenterfsten West VirginiaMember Posts: 194
Hi all I'm gonna be clearing out some things in the very near future as I dont have the space or time anymore to use them very much. Decided to start with these. There are no boxes for any of them. Prices do not include shipping. I have the following:

#8057 Wreck Raider - vehicle is complete and instructions are included. Shark army warrior's right arm is a bit worn and the printing on his head and teeth is worn some as well. There is no diver minifig (flippers only). - $5.

#8059 Seabed Scavenger - This one is 100% complete including instructions. Everything is in great condition - $10

#8060 Typhoon Turbo Sub - 100% complete with instructions in great condition. No 3-D glasses. - $15

#8076 Deep Sea Striker - stickers still on the sheet but corner of one is slightly bent and 2 have reapplied themselves to the sheet at an angle. Missing the minifig torso. 1 dark bluish gray technic brick modified 2 X 2  with ball receptacle reinforced & axle hole is cracked but usable. - $12

#8077 Atlantis Exploration HQ - brand new sticker sheet. 100% complete with instructions. Great condition. - $30

#8078 Portal of Atlantis - Missing 1 Atlantis Squid Warrior Minifig, 1 diver torso, and 1 minifigure head, 2-sided with brown eyebrows and cheekbones (Axel). Shark army warrior has a small crack starting on the bottom of one arm. - $50

#30042 Mini Sub - Instructions are worn. Minifigure missing (flippers only). Missing 1 black plate, modified 1X1 with clip horizontal. No polybag. - $0.50

I will sell them all in a bundle for $110 plus shipping. Thanks for looking.


  • terfstenterfsten West VirginiaMember Posts: 194
    Forgot to mention that 8078 has its instructions as well.
  • terfstenterfsten West VirginiaMember Posts: 194
    I will also consider offers if anyone is interested at all. I would like to get things sold. 
  • terfstenterfsten West VirginiaMember Posts: 194
    I found the head to the minifig in #30042. So now it is the head and flippers lol. No change in price. Been going through some more sets and will probably post a more general thread soon.
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