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FT [USA ONLY]: 13 NEW packs of TLM2 Trading cards (and album), looking for new promos, CMFs, etc

jmeninnojmeninno Member Posts: 1,216
I am trying VERY hard not to open the 13 packs of TLM2 trading cards I have, from the orders I have placed over the last 2 months.  I also have most of the following available for trade (some items may have been traded, my apologies for not keeping an up-to-date list):

#30448 Venom Symbiote, multiple #30303 Joker Bumper Cars, #40266 Friends Jewelry Box, Caveman/Cavewoman set, #40220 London Bus, Cops and Robbers promo set from Bricktober 2016, probably every TLBM polybag including multiple Kiss Kiss Batman keychains and Batpod Tuxedo Batman, multiple #30422 Kai Mini Dragon, #5001622 Lego Store Employee, #5004406 First Order General, #5002941 Bionicle, #40265 Friends tic tac toe, #30202 Friends Smoothie Stand.

Also have the following CMFs:

Disney:  Alien, Peter Pan

TLBM Series 1: Orca

Ninjago: Selfie Stick guy, Boombox guy (2), Sensei Wu (2), Girl marked as #2 on checklist, Boy marked as #10 on checklist, Lloyd #7

Series 16:  Archer (3), Prized Dog Guy (OPEN), Aladdin looking fellow (2), Goth Boy, Devil Boy, Snow Queen, Banana Guy

Series 17:  Yuppie aka Cell Phone Guy (3), Undersea Guy, Elf Princess (2), Red Dwarf, Corn Guy (2)

New/sealed: #79110 - Silver Mine, #79004 - Barrel Escape.

I am looking for, all new and if I may ask, good to great box condition:

5005156-1: Gingerbread Man

5005251-1: Penguin Winter Hut 

5005249-1: Easter Bunny Hut 

I am also potentially looking for, from the Disney CMF Series:  Daisy, Donald, Syndrome (again all new/sealed)

PM only please.  Thanks!


  • jmeninnojmeninno Member Posts: 1,216
    BLIPPI bump.  While I really wanted those huts, I would consider cash offers.  Also, I am trying to generate an updated Wanted list.  I could post that here in a few days.  Thanks to all who have viewed this post thus far!
  • jmeninnojmeninno Member Posts: 1,216
    Weekend bump.  Also have some edna modes and I think I might have a diagon alley micro set available for trade.  In a few days, I am may list the cards on ebay, so please reach out to me if you were remotely interested!  Send me a "for trade list"...I may be persuaded to trade for things other than the huts!!!
  • jmeninnojmeninno Member Posts: 1,216

    I am no longer after the Gingerbread hut and the Bunny hut, but still looking for the Penguin hut!

    Cards and mini Diagon Alley spoken for.  I also have a couple Silver Centurions for trade.

    I don't have much of a wanted list (yet), but here it is!

    Please, reach out if you have anything I want, especially the Penguin hut.  I am slowly moving things to ebay and other avenues to get some extra money.

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