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Hello Lego fans

SunshinegirlSunshinegirl USA, from ScotlandMember Posts: 3
Hi all, this is my first forum, and not entirely sure what to expect but wanted to say hi.  I'm a not so young house wife (that expression makes me laugh, I mean, me! a house wife, yet here I am), mother of an amazing two yr old, she's sweet and spunky.  Never had lego as a child, but found a love for it as an adult. The Winter Village line was what sucked me in, but I have other sets too. Bit of a caravaning fan (childhood holidays) so I like all caravans and campers. My daughter loves duplo and, when I'm with her, playing with some of my sets too. Guess that's the just of it.  Looking forward to being part of this. 


  • truck730truck730 Member Posts: 199
    Welcome but you mean her lego ,remember how the lego movie ended. HelDu does mix with lego and can be great for filling a space or a creative development of your own, my nephews loved smashing the speed built towers i made with their Duplo ,my daughter like me wasn't impressed
  • SunshinegirlSunshinegirl USA, from ScotlandMember Posts: 3
    I know your so right!  I’m just not quite there yet. Having Lego letting go issues. My Hubby says I’m just like the dad. She loves duplo for now, but I’m happy for her to play with other sets while I’m there. Just feel small pieces and a two year old are not the best mix. 
  • M1J0EM1J0E Calgary, ABMember Posts: 388
    Welcome!  We’re big duplo fans with grandkids in the house.  They can play to their heart’s content with it, and make a mess without it being too tough to clean up.  But with our granddaughter being 3-1/2 she’s pretty much ready for the ‘big’ lego now. We also do the winter village, & have found some great city campers.   
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