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Light Bricks?

gtrjedigtrjedi NCMember Posts: 33

Anyone see these before?
Probably not Lego but I wouldn't mind figuring out how to power them.


  • CCCCCC UKMember Posts: 17,204
    I think these are the ones where you need a power pack that contains the batteries. Each powers up as you join them together.
  • LegolisLegolis Leeds, UKMember Posts: 209
    Is that Lite Brix (my apologies to the English language)? I just bought a lot of used Lego and it had a bunch of these mixed in. They are much lower quality than the Lego bricks and they have a battery powered base. Honestly I didn't even test then, just binned them all before my kids saw them and demanded to keep them. 

    Some on Amazon here.
  • datsunrobbiedatsunrobbie West Haven , CTMember Posts: 1,408
    Certainly looks like Lite Brix. If you find one of the power supply bases they can make some pretty cool looking stuff. I keep them separate from Lego, but they don't get tossed out because my wife likes that they light up.
  • gtrjedigtrjedi NCMember Posts: 33
    Very cool,,Thanks.
    Looking at a battery pack on evilbay,it does seem that the connector will work.
    I bought a couple cheap light up sets at DG,but they have little watch batteries in them and you only get 2,usually a white light and one that just flashes blue and red.
    These will be neat to try out anyway,battery pack is only $12.
  • datsunrobbiedatsunrobbie West Haven , CTMember Posts: 1,408
    Hold up, those are Laser Pegs, not Lite Brix. My apologies for the prior post, I have both of these and they are definitely different connectors. 
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