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Bugatti Chiron - Lighting

AndybgsiAndybgsi Herts, UKMember Posts: 9
Hi, I have just bought the Chiron set and keep seeing adverts for lighting it. Has anyone done this? Should i do this? What lighting should I get and where should I get it from? 


  • aid_77aid_77 NewburyMember Posts: 183

    If you want to do it, then do it!

    I think Huw reviewed a lighting set a while ago so may be worth searching the reviews to get an idea of what is entailed.

    I would go for a british/euro supplier just so you can return if you have to and wont get stung with a fee if it does go through customs

  • msandersmsanders Member Posts: 906
    I put a post on the Lightailing thread:

    At least this is my experience, but I think there are likely many happy customers from the company (on these forums) - just don`t trust their own reviews on the website since these are audited and likely negative reviews are not published. 
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