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Any potential trades out there?

CaptainPirateManCaptainPirateMan MichiganMember Posts: 339
edited January 25 in Marketplace
So I've been sitting on Santas Workshop (2014) from the Winter Village theme. I bought it to sell in my BL store a few years ago and it's been appreciating pretty nicely (I value it at $125 according to BL). 

Anyways I would like to trade it for the Lonely Mountain Hobbit set (that's my preferred choice). I would be willing to pay the shipping to balance the scales. I'm sure someone put there is sitting on one of those sets. I'm not a Winter Village collector myself, but it seems to have grown in popularity. 

I am also willing to listen to other offers (Pirates, Castle, LOTR, POTC, City/Modular) I'm really more interested in something I can sell the minifigs to (since this set is essentially inventory for my store, and not personal collection). But having said that, if someone offered me a Skull Eye Schooner or BSB for it, I would jump. 
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