FS: LEGO Space Lot (US)

FrequencyFrequency Member Posts: 68
Hello. I have a large lot of LEGO Space for sale. Most of these sets are complete with instructions. They are a bit dusty but all sets come from a smoke free home. This is the last of my non Town LEGO, so I am only selling this as a lot. The total will be $350, which does not include shipping. Excellent deal for two bases, a large ship, and over a dozen small sets. Here is what I have: 

6812 Grid Trekkor
6832 Super Nova II
6878 Sub Orbital Guardian
6887 Allied Avenger
6988 Alpha Centauri Outpost (w/extra minifigures) 
6814 Ice Tunnelator
6834 Celestial Sled
6879 Blizzard Baron
6898 Ice Sat V
6973 Deep Freeze Defender
6983 Ice Station Odyssey (missing a dozen small pieces) 
1731 Ice Planet Scooter
6705 Space Explorers
6939 Saucer Centurion

Thank you!
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