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Anyone else not seeing the 'Sale' page at [email protected]?

Lego emailed me to say SALE NOW ON, but link and home page Sale links do not work

Anyone see any sale items?



  • colaycolay Member Posts: 547

  • turboslotturboslot Member Posts: 7
    It worked for me earlier when I placed an order but now shows page not found. None of the Theme links seem to work either but if I click on a link from Brickset it will show individual items.
  • iso3200iso3200 Member Posts: 2,065
    Most pages playing up at my end. Probably all the people buying Benny's Space Squads and it can't cope as usual.
  • nwr122nwr122 Member Posts: 150
    Was working for me earlier as well, but now the site is taking an age to load
  • colaycolay Member Posts: 547
    Thanks, not much working here at all :( used a bricklink link to get to Lego Movie 2 items, thats all that works. Cant even type in a model number to find stuff
  • bandit778bandit778 Member Posts: 2,370
    Also managed first thing this morning but just tried and this now coming up.

    Nice to see the website functioning as normal.
  • colaycolay Member Posts: 547
    Its probably a good thing, I really don't need anything else ATM, as much as I want stuff lol
  • Baby_YodaBaby_Yoda Member Posts: 1,295
    Haha, I've never seen the sales page work in the first place on Australian [email protected] I didn't even know they did sales until the May 4th special last year.
  • colaycolay Member Posts: 547
    going through some old threads of mine, that are expired and can be closed @CapnRex101 thanks

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