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SELLING: USA, GA, Atlanta, I would like to sell my large collection :_(

gtg905sgtg905s Member Posts: 29
edited January 2012 in Marketplace

I am starting down the path to selling my Lego collection. It is unfortunate and sad to do, but the time has come. I listed the sets that I have instructions for:
I still haven't updated every set yet, but that is the majority of it.
That is by far not everything set or doesn't count my tubs of loose lego (150+ lbs), PAB boxes and containers. Plus the $1,000 just in plastic storage boxes, tackle boxes, plastic bags etc.

If you can pick it up and the price is fair, it is all yours.
Shoot me a message and let me know where you are located and your offer or questions.




  • gtg905sgtg905s Member Posts: 29

    Here are the pictures, Lego Collection/

    I missed the VW Bug and Tower Bridge, but those are there and built.
  • OdinduskOdindusk Member Posts: 763
    Sorry to see you come to this decision. I've pretty much regretted every instance of selling off a collection of stuff in life. Video games, toys, childhood LEGO, etc.

    Baby funds? Wife-needs-more-space wrath?
  • gtg905sgtg905s Member Posts: 29
    Thanks Odindusk,
    I am feeling the same way, but there just isn't enough time in a day for all of it :-(
    I was about to break out my old Nintendo pad last weekend lol,

    There are some great sets and majority is sorted out ready to build MOC's with. At least that was what I was hoping to do. Just simply do not have the time anymore with my career.

    Also in the pictures, All of those USPS and shoe boxes have built sets in them, everything in the photos has Lego in them. The one with 6 big boxes at the top of the closet are empty and they are sitting to the drafting table. Plus I have a lot of boxes collapsed in another closet (they were carefully taken apart and can easily be glued back together).
  • starfire2starfire2 Member Posts: 1,335
    Have you thought about Ebay? You would make a better profit.
  • gtg905sgtg905s Member Posts: 29
    Have you thought about Ebay? You would make a better profit.
    If I had time do that for the majority of my Lego, I would be keeping it all instead of selling :-(
  • SupdogSupdog Member Posts: 1
    I am interested in some of your modular buildings particularly the Green Grocer and Cafe Corner. Are you willing to separate some of your collection or do you want to keep it together? Let me know, thanks.
  • momof2boys99momof2boys99 Member Posts: 322
    I sent you a p.m. I am quite impressed with your collection. I am also sorry that you have to sell it.
  • emilewskiemilewski Member Posts: 482
    That is a shame. You could consider putting it all away until you retire and have the time then...or at least keeping a couple of favorites on display.
  • cbaker1974cbaker1974 Member Posts: 150
    Atlanta guy here too...sent you a PM!
  • gtg905sgtg905s Member Posts: 29
    Sorry for the confusion, but my collection is being sold as entire lot.

    I am not selling individual sets.
  • choob99choob99 Member Posts: 147
    well @gtg905s can you please pm me with your price? I would love to have a collection like this, I would have to drive from PA to GA to pick it up, but I have family in Atlanta that I could visit while I'm there, so for the right price, the trip would be worth it for me, please let pm me the info
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