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Random stuff to trade (uk-ww)

brickedinbrickedin Member Posts: 564
In a vain effort to be more organised I have moved a bunch of stuff around and come across more stuff......

the following is available to trade, most of my wants are Star Wars figs and there are a lot as I’ve begun to appreciate the wider Star Wars world and not just OT.

all below is sealed and boxes in good condition:

#40138 Christmas train
#40221 fountain
#40079 camper poly
#40109 mini poly
#30542 pug
#5005358 minifigure factory
#5002812 classic space fig (tape seal has come away) 
#5004419 classic knight 
#40120 Valentine dinner

#6860 batcave
#10937 arkham asylum
#6873 doc ock ambush

#9496 skiff
#75052 cantina 

brickheadz jack sparrow 

i may may add more stuff as I find it. I have traded a fair bit on the forum previously.

Any offers by pm please and merry Christmas 


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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.