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What UCS should they make / remake next?

MrKettleMrKettle OxfordshireMember Posts: 129
It was 2015 when we last got an original UCS in the form of Slave 1. Since then we have had remakes of Death Star, MF, Y-Wing and Snow Speeder (I’m not even considering AoH which was a remake of lots of smaller sets).

Are we just destined for remakes? There are only a few craft yet to appear in UCS form but I doubt we’ll see anything else from the prequel trilogy as out of 30 models only 4 have been and most of them we not well received.

I also doubt we’ll see anything from the newer films for a while as there is nothing that has been ‘iconic’ enough appear yet. 

So does that just leave TLG endlessly remaking and refining their old list of models. If that’s what they are doing then I’d love a new Star destroyer or SSD. If they are to make a new one then Jabba’s Sail barge would look great. 

What do you think would make a good new or remade UCS set?


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