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UK/EU Minifigures for trade

I have a number of mini figs for trade/sale. All prices include postage. I have posted a wanted list below.

Harry Potter figs

Dumbledore - £4
Jacob Kowalski - £4
Newt Scamnder - £4 
Draco Malfoy - £4
Ron Weasley - £4 x2
Cedric Digory - £4 x2

Lego Batman Movie 

Friends are Family Alfred - £4

The Lego Movie

Wyldstyle with hood down - £2
Robot cop - £2

Star Wars 

Jabba the hutt - Tan face - £15

Exo Force

Devestator (pearl light gray torso, red eyes) - £2.50

Disney Princess

Rapunzel - £2.50

Lego Games

Ramses Pyramid figures - £4

Wanted list

Jek Porkins
Cosmic boy
Giant man Hank Pym
Kabuki twins
Zebra man
Poka dot man
Blue beetle
Power man
Reverse Flash
Killer Frost
Proffessor Flitwick
Harry Potter Invisability cloak
Tina Goldstein
Queenie Goldstein
Hermonie Granger
General zod
Jor El
Wonder Twin Zan
Killer Moth
Tropical Joker
Clock King


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Shopping at or Amazon?

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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.