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WTD UK - Monofig Parts

TheFewTheFew EnglandMember Posts: 1,288
On the hunt for Mono parts if anyone can help...

Minifig head --- Bright Pink, Medium Azure, Dark Blue, Green, Dark Green, Bright Light Orange, Light Flesh, Dark Orange, Dark Grey

Minifig Torso (inc arms) --- Light Aqua, Medium Azure, Dark Green, Olive Green, Light Flesh, Flat Silver

Minifig Legs --- Bright Pink, Dark Pink, Lavender, Medium Lavender, Bright Light Orange, Light Flesh

Minifig Hands --- Bright Pink, Medium Lavender,Bright Light Blue, Medium Azure, Medium Blue, Sand Blue, Light Flesh, Flat Silver, Light Grey

Minifig Arms --- Bright Pink, Bright Light Blue

2x4 Brick --- Magenta, Lavender, Light Aqua, Bright Light Blue, Bright Green, Pearl Gold, Light Flesh, Flat Silver



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