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How to price new, sealed Dutch promo sets from 1978 and 1982?

catwranglercatwrangler Northern IrelandMember Posts: 1,712
edited December 3 in Buying & Selling Topics
A friend in the Netherlands has received some vintage sealed sets that his father apparently had in the attic!  One is #1620 Chocolate Factory, a promotional release from the Netherlands in association with Chocomel. The other is #1590 Breakdown Assistance, another Dutch promo release in association with ANWB. He's had difficulty finding prices for them in this condition, which I would attribute to the scarcity, but he's skeptical about the €1349 price he saw for 1590 new and sealed.

I said I'd come and ask the experts. He's not an investor (and neither am I) so this is all new: Brickset Marketplace aside, where would be the best place to sell this online? I'm not familiar with Dutch Lego market myself, and he's only recently discovered that old sets have this sort of value, so I'm advising, to the best of my ability...



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