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UCS Imperial Shuttle vs SSD

MrKettleMrKettle OxfordshireMember Posts: 137
not sure if this should be in collecting or buying but here goes:

I’ve recently got a small windfall of cash (Like in Monopoly only real) and I want to treat myself to a retired UCS set. I can only afford one and it is unlikely that this situation will repeat itself. 

I plan on building this set for display so I do not care about realse value or anything else. Only the joy of building and displaying it. 

So I am putting it out there to the group. What set do you think I should buy and why. Shuttle or SSD

Thanks for your input. 


  • SumoLegoSumoLego New YorkMember Posts: 15,058
    I'd set aside $300.00, spend the rest on current UCS sets, and then wait for a Shuttle or SSD re-release.
  • MrKettleMrKettle OxfordshireMember Posts: 137
    I’ve got all the current UCS sets apart from Y-Wing and that is already in the buying schedule. 

    I was gutted about missing out on the SSD when it was available but I have read some people think the Imperial Shuttle is one of the best sets released. 
  • starwars4everstarwars4ever The Forest Moon of EndorMember Posts: 489
    I'd go for the UCS Imperial Shuttle. It's minifig scale, more impressive, and my all time "most wanted but don't have it yet" set. Some might call it my white whale, which is funny because it is, in fact, predominately white.
  • CCCCCC UKMember Posts: 20,362
    I'd also wait for a re-release.
  • BrainsluggedBrainslugged England (the grim North)Member Posts: 2,101
    If waiting for a re-release, odds on the shuttle would come first. SSD not for a long time, if at all, and definitely after a regular Star Destoyer.

    Another plus in the SSD box is that it possibly displays better. I.e.can fit nicely along on long shelf rather than needing vertical clearance as well and the constant risk of the shuttle getting knocked over.

    Also, I have a Shuttle in a storage locker I have never got ground to building. I worry that when I do eventually get my hands back on it and open it, all the bricks could have yellowed. Not even sure if bricks can yellow in an unopened set, but it's worth considering that additional gamble if going with the shuttle.

    I also have an (unopened) SSD. If I had to keep just one, I'd probably got for the SSD due to its sheer epicness and the points mentioned above. The downside is that it's another big star wars box of light bley.
  • monkeyhangermonkeyhanger Member Posts: 3,156
    edited November 2018
    ^ The bricks are already yellowed on the Shuttle. Built mine when they were clearancing them and it was the first Ser I saw with such a diversity of shades of white. 3 shades of cream and 2 shades of grey/white.

    The build is dull (3 similarly constructed wings) but the end result is great. Get the Shuttle.
  • colaycolay OxfordshireMember Posts: 547
    The SSD once built, is epic, but dont think ive seen a shuttle in the flesh (or bricks).
    I do know of a person who, built the SSD fairly easily from re-bricking, albeit time consumig
  • stevecook132stevecook132 Member Posts: 112
    I was lucky and bought both of them on the same day, quite possibly my favourite visit to the Lego shop in MK :-) 

    Both are great sets and both looked good on display in my lounge. Of the two, the SSD was the one that garnered the most positive comments from visitors - normally along the lines of "insert expletive of choice, is that Lego?!" All other conversation was halted until they'd had a good look round, and to be fair, at 4' long it does makes an impression.

    The Shuttle is the better 'scale model'. The landing position doesn't really show it off to its best and I thought it looked most impressive when in flight mode on its stand and against a black background to disguise the stand. 

    If I had to pick one, I'd go for the SSD. As Lego spaceships go its a big one, but will fit in a display space about 40cms deep. People are impressed you can build something that large from Lego because it exceeds what most of us achieved or saw as kids. There are plenty of options for extra greebling or detailing if thats your thing and it took longer to build than the shuttle so better bang for buck. To be fair, you will not be disappointed with either, I enjoyed both, but the SSD stayed out on display for a year longer than the shuttle. Enjoy your dilemma!
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