First build complete , a first timers view

Kev80eKev80e Rutland U.KMember Posts: 44
I have just finished my first lego build and I'm definitely hooked. 
My first set is a 42065 , tracked racer. 
It took me about 2.5 hours and I really enjoyed it. The instructions were easy to follow , although I made 1 mistake but it was easily rectified. 
So I simply emptied the bags onto my desk , didn't bother trying to organize them in any way and dug through them to find the bits I needed for that step. Is this the best way ? 
Finished it works well , although the dog doesn't seem keen :) .
I am going to do the alternative build too and am already eyeing 42064 Ocean Explorer for my next one. 


  • FauchFauch FranceMember Posts: 2,294
    if by best way you mean fastest, finding pieces in a pile of 300 - 400 elements isn't hard. I choose to sort pieces for some bigger technic sets (2000+ pieces). sorted by size in 4 containers. they are already mostly sorted by size in bags so it's quick. but really, it's the 50 or so large panels and other large pieces you get in large builds you want to get out of the way when looking for connectors.
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