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Hanging a UCS super star destroyer from ceiling

AV_GuyAV_Guy ChicagoMember Posts: 4
Greetings all.  Long time reader, first time poster.

So long story short, my parents made me clean out all my legos out of their garage.  That =, me a middle aged man spending a week of long nights putting them back together again!  (much to my wife's satisfaction :/ ) lol

So that week totally got me all pumped up again, and i've been having the time of my life!  (also to my wife's extreme dis-satisfaction lol)  

But its ok, luckily i invested in a very comfortable couch about a year ago   :P

So my question.  I just stumbled upon a great find at a garage sale.  Was able to pick up super star destroyer, and blockade runner, with boxes for $200 bucks.  After i found out what i got, i almost feel bad talking the lady down from $400 lol  :/

So im envisioning, a nice big star battle hanging from my office ceiling, (also since the star destroyer is so damn big, and for some reason my wife wont let it live on the dinning room table)  Some people!

Has anyone here hung either of those models from the ceiling?  im thinking fishing line wrapped around said unit, with an eye hook screwed into a joist.

But since the star destroyer is so big, i have no idea if it can be supported that way.  I have held off starting to build it, because i still need a home for it.  

Thank you in advance all!



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