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Shopping in Malaysia

PaperballparkPaperballpark UKMember Posts: 3,278
I'm currently out in Malaysia, and today we went to a shopping centre in KL with a Lego store. The Lego Group themselves don't run any stores out here, so I'm guessing the ones that are here (there's about 4 or 5) are effectively franchised.

Prices aren't too much different to UK RRP, although it depends on the sets. Bearing in mind there's about 5.4 rm to the pound, small PAB tubs are 50.40rm, which is about £9.35! I still got one though, despite the relative lack of variety.

They wouldn't accept my VIP card - they have a 'VIB' card instead. I didn't ask what the benefits are!

Overall quite decent, and not the massive mark-up I was expecting, but the PAB wall was disappointing - especially for the price!



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